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Vance Astrovik is a male comic superhero who features in Marvel Comics.




Vance Astrovik was a male born in the modern age to his parents Tom Astrovik and his wife Mary Astrovik. (Giant-Size Defenders v1 #5)

When he was 13 years old, he witnessed a starship landing nearby his home but his father did not believe him and scolded the child. A young Vance decided then to check for himself and snuck out at night to investigate. (Giant-Size Defenders v1 #5)

Marvel Boy

Afterwards, he looked to become a hero and decided to show his strength by going to Avengers Mansion and besting their security systems with his telekinetic powers in the hopes that this would get him admitted onto the team. He was captured by the defensive systems but was greeted by Captain America who said that Vance was too young to join the Avengers and that they lacked the facilities to teach a new hero. Captain America urged the young man to return in a few years when he was older with this leaving Vance disappointed but whilst flying his attention was brought to Dwayne Taylor who had Richard Rider with him stating that they were forming a superhero team and asked Astrovik to join them. (New Warriors v1 #1)


When the Avengers reformed, the founding members came to decide on the membership of the new team. In this time, Vance and Angelica both decided to try out to join the superhero team. To prove themselves, they went out to capture the supervillain Whirlwind where they were awarded a place as reserve members by Captain America who intended to train the pair in being better superheroes. (Avengers v3 #4)

The Avengers next had to battle the threat of the Kree Lunatic Legion who wanted revenge for the destruction of their empire. To accomplish that end, they intended to transform Earth into a new Kree homeworld with mankind genetically transformed into a neo-Kree race of duplicates. Information on their activities was leaked to the Avengers who intercepted the aliens with a confrontation occurring on the Blue Area of the Moon. The Kree sacrificed themselves by converting their bodies into energy to power the Omni-Wave Projector that worked in conjunction with the Terrigen Mists and Carol Danvers genetics to transform mankind. To stop their plan, Thor created a portal but needed more power to increase its size to fit the giant Kree machine. Vance suggested that Firestars microwave powers could add to it and whilst Astrovik used his own telekinesis to send the giant machine through the dimensional doorway to somewhere else in the universe thus saving the Earth from the Kree's plans. (Avengers v3 #7)

He came to help Hank Pym with the training of new superhumans in becoming heroes at Avengers Academy that was located at the Infinite Mansion. Vance came to vouch for his comrade Robbie Baldwin who had returned to the Speedball identity as they mentored the six new heroes. (Avengers Academy v1 #1)


Personality and attributes

His first superhero identity was that of Marvel Boy where he wore a mask when the New Warriors first began to operate as a team. (Thor v1 #141) After his time in prison, he decided on taking a new superhero name which was Justice. (New Warriors v1 #43)

Among his heroes that he admired was Captain America with him having various posters and other memorabilia of the superhero in his room when he was a child. (Giant-Size Defenders v1 #5)

He stated that he wanted to be an astronaut when he grew up. Vance even intended to change his surname from Astrovik to Astro to make it sound similar to astronaut. (Giant-Size Defenders v1 #5)

Powers and abilities

Initially, he struggled using his telekinesis to achieve multiple feats when fighting powerful foes such as levitation and attacking at the same time. (New Warriors v1 #5)


  • Vance Astrovik was created by Don Heck and Gerry Conway where he made his first appearance in Giant-Size Defenders v1 #5 (July, 1975).

Alternate Versions

  • In Marvel Super-Heroes v1 #18 (1969), an alternate version of the character named Vance Astro appeared as an inhabitant of the universe designated as Earth-691.

In other media


  • In Fantastic Four, Vance Astrovik had a brief cameo in the animated television series in the episode "Doomsday" where he had no dialogue.

Video games

  • In Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2, Vance Astrovik appeared as an NPC character in the video game where he was voiced by actor Sean Donnellan.


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