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Dwayne Taylor is a male comic superhero who features in Marvel Comics.




Dwayne Taylor

When he first started as a vigilante, he operated at night-time where he watched for criminal activity in order to shut it down. One night, he observed a gang running a protection racket and attacked one of the Korean criminals whereupon he pursued a fleeing woman involved in the exchange. He was then struck by a male who said his name was Midnight Fire and that the woman was his sister Silhouette with the two also working to shut down criminal activity. The two were operating undercover and offered to work alongside Night-Thrasher where they planned for three weeks before striking the gang's operation that was trashed by the three of them. Dwayne came be impressed with them and decided to show the two his headquarters as he came to appreciate the value in a team working together. Chord ever liked the siblings though Dwayne and Silhouette came to be romantically involved as they all continued working together for the next three months. The next planned to strike another gang with Silhouette once more going undercover but their plan was jeopardised by a cop on the scene. Midnight Fire intended to eliminate the police officer as he was a threat to their plan but Night-Thrasher stopped him. This caused the gang to react leading to Silhouette being caught in-between weapon fire. A distraught Midnight Fire left a deep cut on Night-Thrasher's face in order to free himself so that he could go to his sister where he vowed revenge against Taylor before departing. Dwayne was then alone for the next few months until Chord suggested he form a new team to help in his war against crime. (New Warriors v1 #2)

New Warriors

To push forward on his war on crime, Taylor decided that he needed a team and sought to recruit other superheroes to his cause. Dwayne used a variety of resources from hacking to informants in finding young super-powered individuals with him intending to gather a group of 4 individuals. This saw him find Richard Rider who was no longer Nova though Taylor suspected that in a life or death event his powers could return even though there was around only a 30% chance of this occurring. He then went to recruit Marvel Boy Vance Astrovik who was despondent at being rejected from the Avengers. Taylor then hacked the computers of the Massachusetts Academy to find out that Angelica Jones was a Mutant where he threatened to out here unless she met at a rendezvous location. With the group gathered, Taylor's police band scanner registered an incident in Queens where the restored Terrax was battling with Namorita. Dwayne and his allies joined together where they were then joined by Speedball with them together managing to defeat the cosmic supervillain. The Avengers arrived at the scene then where they decided to take charge of the event with the younger heroes feel ignored as a result. Dwayne then decided to unite them into a team that he would lead with Speedball suggesting the name New Warriors after the media name for them. (New Warriors v1 #1)



Personality and attributes

On the right side of his face was a scar that he got from Midnight Fire. (New Warriors v1 #2)

Taylor had a low opinion of the police and considered them useless as they never did anything about his own parents murder. He felt that the police could not even help themselves. (New Warriors v1 #2)

For a time, he was romantically involved with Silhouette with the two being together when he started working with her and her brother. After he believed she died, he never forgave himself as he felt he was responsible for her death. Dwayne for a time also came to fear her brother Midnight Fire as he felt he was stronger and faster than him with the skill allowing him to kill Taylor. He later looked to overcome his fear of Midnight Fire and confront him. (New Warriors v1 #2)

Powers and abilities

From above the wrist, the suit could release a blade that he could use for close quarter fighting. He could emit magnesium bursts from his hands in an attempt to blind his opponent. The gauntlets could also release a tight rope which he could use to wrap around a person's throat to choke them. (New Warriors v1 #2)

He was the head of the Taylor Foundation that was a conglomerate of financial institutions set up by Dwayne’s father. It provided him with significant amount of resources in order to fund his operations. (New Warriors v1 #5)


  • The Night Thrasher Dwayne Taylor was created by Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz where he made his first appearance in Thor v1 #411 (December, 1989).
  • In an interview on the The Philadelphia Inquirer, DeFalco noted that he wanted the character to be a rich businessman like Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne to set him up differently from common tropes along with the decision to make him like Peter Parker in being an orphan. He said, "I wanted to get a little more racial diversity in Marvel's line of comics I wanted him to be a teenager and I knew that no parents would want their kid risking his neck as a costumed hero. Since we didn’t want that to be a part of the series, Ron and I made him an orphan".

Alternate Versions

In other media

Video games

  • In Marvel: Contest of Champions, Night Thrasher appeared as a playable character in the setting of the mobile video game.


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