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Verdona was a female character who featured in Ben 10: Alien Force.



Verdona was an Anodite who was born on her home planet of Anodine at an unknown point in the past. There she revelled within her people and their use of mana thus living s free spirited life. At some point, her people learnt of the heroism of Max Tennyson; a member of the Plumbers who operated on the planet Earth. Intrigued by this Human, she travelled to the planet where she adopted a disguise and met Max. The two fell deeply in love and Verdona felt that he was the only Human being that came close to matching an Anodine due to his mana energy even though he could not make use of it. Their love would bring about the birth of two sons; Carl and Frank though neither of them showed signs of developing Anodine powers. After the birth of her children, she left the planet and Max in order to return to Anodine so she could better understand her powers.

After Max Tennyson's disappearance, she began returning to Earth in order to plant mana grown flowers by a tree where she spent time with him by the lake. This activity brought about the attention of Ben Tennyson and Gwen Tennyson along with their friend Kevin 11. After a brief and enjoyable fight, Verdona shockingly discovered that Gwen had Anodine abilities and immediately came to the conclusion that these were her grandchildren. She had come back to Earth to determine if he abilities were passed on to her children and though disappointed that they did not have it, she was delighted to know that one of her grandchildren had the power. She then departed though secretly watched over her grandchildren whilst they sought to learn the truth from Carl Tennyson. Upon his revelation of the fact that their grandmother was an alien, Carl called his mother out of her hiding and she came to their house where she explained to them about her past.

She then offered Gwen the option of exploring her Anodite heritage by returning to Anodine though the process would take many years of training for her to learn the extent of her powers. Whlst tempted, Gwen refused though Verdona was not about to let her grand daughter leave such an important opportunity behind. Thus, she attempted to destroy Gwen's physical body in order to release the Anodite energy within so she would be free from the burdens of the physical world and live as energy like all Anodite. However, she was confronted by Gwen, Ben and Kevin who fought against her. At first, she was defeated but by drawing upon the mana of life around her, she managed to overpower her opponents. But before she could destroy Gwen's body, her grand daughter made a last desperate plea to which Verdona listened. Seeing that Gwen did not truly wish to go with her, Verdona restored things as they were and said that she would return home though she would come on occasion to check on her grand children.

Verdona then departed the Earth once more, somewhat content that her grand child was happy where she was.


Personality and attributes

In her Human disguise, Verdona appeared as an elderly lady with grey short hair and wore a grey robe as well. She was able to shed this form at will and appear as an Anodite which was a dark purple skinned energy being with long pinkish hair.

Her personality could be described as a free spirit who sought only to find fun. Though she was a grown up by her later years, she acted as if she were a playful child. Thus, she enjoyed battles seeing them as a game against those that challenged her. She was very proud of her alien heritage of being an Anodite and felt that other races, especially Humans, were very primitive compared to her standards. This gave her an almost arrogant streat about her. Even though she loved her children and grand children, she somewhat dismissed them due to their lack of Anodite powers. This was why she was curious if her powers were passed down to her children or grand children.

After changing her mind about forcing Gwen to come to Anodine, she was noted as being quite proud of her other grand child Ben Tennyson for sticking by his cousin. Though she was somewhat dismissive of him at first, after seeing him in battle and his jokes she was somewhat entertained by his sense of humour even notably calling one joke a "good one".

She was deeply in love with Max Tennyson and though she felt that her early life was just the actions of a child, she still missed those times. She knew him deeply which included the fact that he was a member of the Plumbers even though he never told her in order not to worry her.

Powers and abilities

Being an Anodite, Verdona had great powers at her disposal due to her alien heritage. She could be described as a being of energy who had the power to manipulate mana all around her. This gave her seemingly magical abilities allowing her to teleport, fly, fire energy blasts, create shields, materialize objects out of thin air, restore damaged material to their original state as well as reinforce her powers by drawing on life mana around her surroundings. Her energy form was capable of being housed in a Human fascimile allowing her to blend among Humans though she stated that she could alter her form whenever she wanted.

In her more pure energy stated, Verdona was capable of using her purple flowing energy based hair as five tentacles that could grap onto enemies and incapacitate them through different means. These tentacles were also able to pierce weaker mana based shields with ease.

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