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The Vridai are a species that feature in Marvel Comics.



The Vridai were the twisted fae who came from the Asgardian realm of Svartalfheim that was the home of the Dark Elves. (Strikeforce v1 #1)

Many years ago in Berlin, one Vridai came to the city where it kidnapped a young girl and took her identity. 'She' then was confronted by Vampires until most were killed by Blade. The last vampire was killed by the Vridai 'herself' with Blade becoming suspicious of her with him cutting her in half. It was then that the existence of the Vridai was revealed to him after it reverted back to its true form after which he came to find the kidnapped girl. (Strikeforce v1 #1)

During the War of the Realms, the Black Bifrost was destroyed and it was believed that it caused Vridai spores to spread onto Midgard. Thus, it caused a new awakening of the Vridai who began to operate secretly amongst mankind. (Strikeforce v1 #1)

Vridai shapeshifters came to take the form of Daimon Hellstrom and later made a move to replace his succubus sister Satana. (Strikeforce v1 #2)

The Strikeforce then took Ophidian to Monster Island where they were allowed to grow from spores again thus repopulating their race. They thanked the heroes for allowing their kind to live and apologised for their actions that were due to the actions of Birgit. Blade told them that part of the deal for their continued survival was that they had to remain on the island with the Vridai agreeing to these terms. (Strikeforce v1 #9)


In appearance, the Vridai were purple skinned humanoids with red eyes who were mystical shapeshifters though they could only twist their visage into the form of a person that they had captured. Their bodies were said to be composed of spores and fungus with it said that they grew in dark caves. Vridai were formless and lived away from the light where over time they learnt to take features they had desired leading to them taking a form. (Strikeforce v1 #1) It was said that they were composed of plant-like matter. (Strikeforce v1 #2) They themselves claimed to operate as a plague and were said to infect the weakest. (Strikeforce v1 #1) It was known that the species had a collective memory that they could share with other races. (Strikeforce v1 #9)

They were known to kidnap people and take their identities where they lived their entire lives without others being aware of their existence. Thus, they were similar to the stories of changelings that came from fairy tales. There were various legends on what caused them to awaken from their slumber. It was claimed that they were a virus of thought and to know them was to know their victims. (Strikeforce v1 #1) As creatures as Svartalfheim, hostage-taking was said to be part of the games they played with mortals. (Strikeforce v1 #2) Their shapeshifting abilities were said to make them a dangerous memetic enemy. (Strikeforce v1 #9)

Through magic, they were able to call sporelings to entrap their prey in fungal tendrils. (Strikeforce v1 #7) A single Vridai had the potential of carrying their entire kind with them and spreading spores to re-populate their kind. This trait made them dangerous as with an appropriate home their entire kind can grow in large numbers. (Strikeforce v1 #9)


  • Count Ophidian : noted for being the Changeling King and Serpent Prince of the Vridai whose name was known among the curses of Svartalfheim. (Strikeforce v1 #1)
  • Birgit : a female Vridai holding the position of Liege Knight and being known as Birqit the Accursed. (Strikeforce v1 #2)


  • The Vridai were created by Tini Howard and German Peralta where they made their first appearance in Strikeforce v1 #1 (September, 2019).


  • Strikeforce v1: (2019)

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