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Wampus is an evil extraterrestrial sent by the Great Mind to create chaos and destruction on Earth. His ultimate goal is to make the Earth into the perfect place for his master to rule. He has been primarily opposed by secret agent Jean Sten, who was later selected as a champion by the Mind's enemy, the Universality. The two enemies battled throughout the major cities of the world.

Wampus' greatest triumph was his temporary creation of an alternate timeline where London was destroyed in a nuclear explosion- the result being an Earth that eventually fell to the Great Mind. However, he was intercepted by the Time Brigade, and eventually Sten and Wampus replayed their battle in London again. Sten sacrificed himself to stop Wampus, negating the Great Mind's conquering timeline.


Wampus is a powerful shapeshifter, whose normal form is flexible but durable. However, he must ingest fluids such as water or blood to effect any complete transformation into another form. Flames may force him to return to his default shape. Wampus can also fire blasts of energy from his eyes, and can call upon the Great Mind to enhance his abilities.

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