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Xavin in Runaways v2 #20.

Xavin is a extraterrestrial comic character who features in Marvel Comics.



Xavin was a male member of the Skrull race who was born as the child of Prince De'zean and lived on the colony of Tarnax VII. Around 15 years old, her father had sought to invade the planet Earth but were opposed by the Dean family who thwarted the attack. In exchange for sparing Earth, they offered the location of their homeworld of Majesdane that was the hidden planet of the Majesdanians and had been exiled from due to their criminal activities. To ensure that the coordinates they gave were true, the Dean's agreed to have their daughter Karolina Dean marry the child of De'zean who was Xavin with this being an arranged marriage between their respective parents. The Dean's had secretly believed the young Xavin would die in the resultant war between Tarnax VII and Majesdane as they had hoped the two sides would destroy one another. During the resultant conflict, Xavin's parents were noted to had been killed but despite these circumstances he continued with the terms of the arranged marriage. He came to enrol in the Super-Skrull program and as part of his trials he destroyed powerful Technotroids. Xavin then made his way towards Earth in order to seek out Karolina Dean in order to marry her. (Runaways v2 #8)


Personality and attributes

Powers and abilities

As a Skrull, he had the natural talent to alter his shape to appear as anyone and thus disguise his true nature. In addition, he went through the process of becoming a Super-Skrull allowing him to attain multiple superpowers with him attaining those of the Fantastic Four. As part of this process, he underwent training to be a Super-Skrull warrior but it was incomplete by the time he had come to Earth. As such, he could only control one cosmic element at a time which he meant he could not use his abilities to their fullest extent. (Runaways v2 #8)


  • Xavin was created by Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona where she made her first appearance in Runaways v2 #7 (October, 2005).

In other media


  • In Runaways, Xavin appeared in the live-action Hulu television series second season where they were portrayed by actor Clarissa Thibeaux along with other actors.


  • Runaways v2:

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