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The Zentraedi are an alien warrior race that



The Zentraedi were an alien race of clones created by the Robotech Masters civilization. They had been bred as a race of warriors for thousands of generations for the sole purpose of military conquest.

On February 2009, Commander Breetai's fleet entered into the Sol system where they arrived near lunar orbit as they searched the area for the battle fortress. Upon arriving near Earth, two scoutships were sent to investigate the planet with these being fired upon by the automated defensive systems of the SDF-1 which destroyed them.

In March 2013, riots erupted around the Earth by Zentraedi with the United Earth Government deploying patrols to maintain law and order. As a result, Admiral Gloval orders the forced relocation of Zentraedi to be in areas where they could be monitored more closely. Around this time, renegade Lord Khyron managed to become aware of the growing dissatisfaction of the Zentraedi of Earth with humans and sets about gathering them to become part of his army to fight against the Robotech Defense Force.

On the onset of the Second Robotech War, the Army of the Southern Cross were unsure about the threat they faced and believed their foes to had been renegade Zentraedi.


In appearance, the Zentraedi were gigantic humanoids that stood far larger than humans but shared many similar physical features. Skin tones of their kind varied between similar to human to some having more light blue skin. Genetic studies indicated a common point of origin between them and humanity. Through technological means, their kind were able to reduce their size to tat of a Micronian making some indistinguishable from humans. Zentraedi were genetically engineered to be able to survive in the vacuum of space and withstand relatively severe injuries.

Under the Robotech Masters, the Zentraedi were used as expendable warriors that were propagated through cloning technology. The Robotech Masters were held as being the supreme overlords of the Zentraedi. To prevent distractions for propagation, societal controls were put into place and used in the extreme that forbade the personal interaction between males and females.

The Zentraedi were known to make use of Trojan Horses and utilising traps on damaged ships to trick the enemy into boarding to find survivors only for the deception to be sprung on them.

Another piece of equipment in their arsenal were gravity mines that were devices deployed on the surface. When activated, they developed a charge and exerted a gravitational pull on ships that landed on a planetary surface thus preventing them from taking off. The Zentraedi used these mines were used as booby traps to ambush enemy ships that landed on a planet.

It was noted that conventional warheads from 21st century humanity were completely useless against Zentraedi ships. Flagships were known to be equipped with Manual Override Beam that when activated could forcibly recall all Zentraedi mecha. This was used against commanders that were known to disobey orders by using the beam to cause such forces to retreat by overriding their navigation systems.

Factory Satellites were used by the Zentraedi forces in the building of fleets of their ships.


  • Dolza :
  • Breetai :
  • Exedore :
  • Azonia :
  • Khyron :
  • Reno : a male Commander who was in charge of the Robotech Factory Satellite where he attempted to defend it from Breetai only to be overwhelmed by the Robotech Defense Forces diversionary strategy.
  • Miriya Parina : a green haired female ace pilot who served under Command Azonia who became obsessed with beating Max Sterling after losing to him leading to her infiltrating the SDF-1 to kill him only to fall in love with him. The pair later married and had two children in Dana Sterling along with Maia Sterling.
  • Dana Sterling :
  • Maia Sterling :


  • The Zentraedi were adapted from the Zentraedi from the Superdimensional Fortress Macross anime series.

In other media

Video games

  • In Robotech: Battlecry, the Zentraedi appeared as antagonists in the video game that was set in the Macross Saga. Jack Archer was a playable character in the setting where he battled the Zentraedi forces in the First Robotech War until their defeat. Afterwards, he was involved in peacekeeping missions to fight the Malcontents with a faction being led by Zeraal.



  • Robotech: The Macross Saga: "Boobytrap"

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