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Zoalords are a human derived species that feature in Guyver.



Prototype Zoalords.

Zoalords were a genetically engineered breed of human that were created long ago by a race of beings known as the Creators. When the Earth was young, this alien race had arrived on Earth with the intention of creating a specific type of bio-weapon. Over the course of centuries, they manipulated life on Earth to create a creature that was adaptable with a strong survival instinct. This organism led to the development of humans that were to serve as the basis of more complex bio-weapons. Humans that were fully optimized became a living weapon known as Zoanoids. To control and direct them, a more evolved form of Zoanoid was created that became the Zoalords. Only a single Zoalord was created during the reign of the Creators with this being Alkanphel.

In time, the Chronos Corporation was established with the ultimate goal of fulfilling the original purpose of humanity. This saw them rediscovering the secrets of the Zoanoids and transforming humans in secrets to their true potential. To manage the growing empire, the Council of Twelve was established that was headed by Alkanphel with another ten Zoalords selected with cultivated Zoacrystals. In secret, these individuals controlled the Zoanoids and served as Chronos's Board of Directors.

Among the last of the Zoalords to be selected was Richard Guyot that was selected to be given the last Zoacrystal. To ensure the success of his Optimization, a number of human subjects that had been kidnapped were forcibly put through the process as prototype Zoalords equipped with dummy Zoacrystals. Their transformation was overseen by Professor Shinichiro Yamamura who had discovered that Guyot had learnt of the existence of the Guyver and intended to equip one to become the ultimate being. Thus, Professor Yamamura orchestrated a rebellion at the Arizona facility where he used the prototype Zoalords to run amok with the goal of eliminating Guyot during his Optimization.


Zoalord reigned supreme over all other Zoanoids, having a strong but normally passive psychic control over them, be they born Zoanoids or made Zoanoids by scientific means.

These creatures appeared to be normal Humans but possess a strong telepathic powers on all Zoanoids as well as a level of strength that rivals that of a Guyver. They are, however, capable of transforming into their battle form which appears Humanoid but much more monstrous. These Zoalords also possess unique abilities, such as Richard Guyots ability to manipulate gravity for many of his gravity-based attacks.

There also exists proto-Zoalords who are test types that were created in order to perfect the optimization for an individual that was scheduled to become a Zoalord.


  • Alkanphel :
  • Hamilcar Balcus :
  • Richard Guyot :


In other media


  • In the Guyver movie, the only Zoalord encountered was Fulton Balcus who transformed into a large dinosaur-like arachnid that overpowered Guyver Sean Baker and attempted to remove his control medal using his tongue but the Guyver's Mega-smasher destroyed him before he completed his goal.


  • Guyver:

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