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The supreme leader of Chronos, the Zoalord Alkanphel.

Alkanphel is the supreme and, thus, most powerful of the Zoalords that feature in Guyver: The Bio-boosted Armor.




Alkanphel's history begins with the time the Creators arrival on Earth to manipulate life into a specific bio-weapon. This would have resulted in the creation of the Zoanoids and Alkanphel would have been their leader though he himself was subject to the will of his masters. The major event within Alkanphel's life would have been when the first Guyver Unit was bonded to a Human host which formed Guyver 0. Alkanphel was commanded by his masters to make use of a Unit Remover and end the life of the Human host. This marked to the Creators of the dangers of the Guyver if it bonded to anymore of their bio-weapons at which point they decided to end their experiment by sending a moon sized asteroid to destroy the planet. However, Alkanphel rebelled against his masters and destroyed the asteroid but not before suffering from a terrible psychic assault that wounded him. Though the Earth survived and his masters departed, Alkanphel was forced to undergo long periods of hibernation in order to function.

As the years went by, Alkanphel was awoken by Dr Hamilcar Balcus. It was at this point that it was decided that a planet spanning corporation known as Chronos was formed with the intent of dominating the planet through the spread of the Zoanoid race. Alkanphel's Zoacrystal would be used as the basis for creating more Zoalords of which twelve were formed. As the years went on, Alkanphel would be more withdrawn from his followers and rarely seen. He would never attend the Zoalord meetings even though he was considered the leader of the Corporation. The last major event he attended would be watching the Optimization of Richard Guyot though the developing Zoalord would not be aware of this.


He was rarely seen since that time and apparently never attended the meetings of the council of Zoalords. He made his first appearance after many years in Japan where he teleported near Relic's Point and headed to the Chronos installation. After arriving, he was met by a group of three Chronos soldiers who were unaware of his identity and demanded that he surrender. Alkanphel simply used his power to kill them with his effortlessly. He was also aware of the presence of Aptom in the bushes nearby and revealed the Lost Numbers presence. Aptom attempted to attack Alkanphel but was stopped in mid-air. The Zoalord was somewhat impressed that he was immune to his thought waves and believed him to be a rogue creation of Balcus's after which he fired an energy beam seemingly vaporizing Aptom, but he is shown to have survived afterward.

Alkanphel then made his way to Relic's Point. Breaking through, he demanded Guyot hand over the "Guyver Remover" as he became aware of the Zoalords ambition of attempting to gain control of Chronos and later, the world by obtaining a Guyver Unit. Guyot resisted him and attempted to escape by going deeper into Relic's Point whilst attempting to kill the supreme Zoalord. He eventually went into one of the deepest locations of the base where he hatched a desperate plan as his each and every attack failed miserably against Alkanphel whilst he was still in his Human form. Guyot created a black hole with his power and used it to suck Alkanphel into oblivion seemingly killing him.

However, outside the base, Alkanphel teleported in his Zoalord form atop the Relic during a battle between the Guyvers, Guyot and the council of Zoalords. Appearing before Richard Guyot, he told him calmly that he was going to take his Zoacrystal. Moving his hand into Guyot's forehead, he took the crystal from the powerless Zoalord who fell to his death into the roaring volcanic explosion that occurred below. He then noticed the Guyvers who attacked Alkanphel with a twin megasmasher attack but the Zoalord simply redirected it at them and it seemed that he had destroyed the only real threat to Chronos.

With that complete, he joined the other members of the Council of Zoalords who began to make their plans for their global domination of the planet.


Alkanphel in his Human form.

Personality and attributes

In his Human form, he appeared as a human of average height with elf-like ears and pale blond hair whilst wearing a white suit. When transforming, he was changed into his Zoalord form which was humanoid in shape but glowing with golden energy. In either, he demonstrated the same personality which was a calm and collected personality that was often amused when enemies challenged him for he easily overpowered such foes.

Due to his abilities, he considered himself a demi-god. In fact, he stated that the Zoalords were all beneath him in terms of power that he could effortlessly defeat them without transforming into his Zoalord form. It was stated by Alkanphel that he did not need to worry that such Zoalords could scratch him even let alone worry for his own life. He also showed little fear or worry in regards to the Guyver hosts calling them the "little bio-boosted insects" that were causing Chronos so much trouble.

He demonstrated little compassion and was perfectly willing to kill Chronos agents in order to suit his goals such as remaining undetected.

Powers and abilities

An extremely powerful being, Alkanphel's powers dwarf that of all the other Zoalords. He was somewhat smaller then Guyot but was much more powerful then the combined Zoalords all together. In the manga comics, it is said that the other Zoalord crystals were actually imperfect copies of Alkanphel's.

His abilities include a thought wave that allows him to kill normal Zoanoids through his mind alone. This is seen upon his arrival at Relic's Point where he dispatches a small group of Chronos soldiers. This ability is however limited against those Zoanoids, such as Lost Unit members, that have had their telepathic link to the Zoalords degraded. Despite that, he does possess numerous other abilities at his disposal which include the power to generate spherical energy blasts that appear at a location suddenly which were known to vaporize enemies if they were not quick enough to avoid the energy distortion. He is also shown to halt a jumping opponent in mid air and fire an energy blast that can rip them apart.

He was capable of creating spherical energy shields that surround his body which he did so by simply moving his hand in front of him. Power increased to the shield if he used more concentration and both hands to maintain the shield. The great power of Alkanphel meant he was capable of fighting against a Zoalord whilst within his Human form with ease. He was able to levitate with ease and fly across the environment as well. Other noted abilities was the capacity to teleport from one location to another across great distances. An energy disturbance formed in the area where he was teleporting to after which he would then appear.

Alkanphel's power was great enough that he was capable of returning from the event horizon of a black hole. His greatest feat of power to date, however, was his ability to destroy the moon-sized asteroid that was meant to annihilate Earth and its inhabitants.


  • Archanfel was voiced in the 2005 anime by Japanese voice actor Yasunori Matsumoto and by Gray Haddock in the English dub.


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