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Alexia Ashford is a female video game villain that features in Resident Evil.



Alexia Ashford was a female human born in the year 1971 where she was the daughter of Alexander Ashford who was the sixth generation headmaster of the Ashford clan. Her conception came as a result of the Code: Veronica project that was an attempt to clone the first matriarch of the Ashford's namely Veronica Ashford who was worshipped by her descendants. Thus, Alexia was born when Veronica's genes were implanted into an artificially inseminated ovum with her being born with a twin brother named Alfred Ashford. Alexia was shown to hold a superb intelligence and was considered a genius at a young age which was a stark contrast to her brother Alfred Ashford who showed only a moderately high intelligence. As a result, she had a dominating relationship over her brother who she treated as a mere servant. Over the years, she matured and had attended a prestigious university from a young age with her already graduating valedictorian at the age of 10 in the year 1981. She was later hired by the Umbrella Corporation and quickly rose to the head researcher of their Antarctic Facility. This earned the jealously of William Birkin who headed the Arklay Research Facility and had previously been the youngest researcher in the company until Alexia Ashford's appointment leading to him considering her his greatest rival. At her facility, she studied the T-Virus and the behaviour of ant queens in relation to the colony which she patterned on her own viral variant known as the T-Veronica Virus. However, Alexia lacked any suitable subjects to test her virus and thus decided to use her own father as a guinea pig with her conducting her experiments on him in 1983. A result of the experimentation led to Alexander Ashford mutating into a mindless creature leading to the project being deemed a failure. To find a solution, Alexia learnt that a symbiosis with the T-Veronica Virus could only occur with the host after it had been kept in a cryogenic state for at least 15 years. Thus, she decided to implant the virus in herself and entered into the cryogenic chambers at the Antarctic Facility. Her brother Alfred Ashford remained at her side where he kept watch over his sister but his growing imbalance during her slumber led to him developing a second personality that was based on his sister after he experienced a withdrawal syndrome following her absence.

During Albert Wesker's raid of Rockfort Island, prisoners Claire Redfield and Steve Burnside encountered a disguised Alfred posing as Alexia. However, it wasn't until their escape plane was taken to the Antarctic Facility (following preprogrammed instructions) and they confronted Alfred there, in which the real Alexia would appear. After Alfred was seriously injured from his confrontation with the pair, Alexia awoke from her cryogenic sleep in front of a dying Alfred and decided to go after Claire and Steve, who were trying to escape via a snowcat, by controlling a tentacle creature. During their captivity, she implanted the T-Veronica virus into Steve himself. Some time later, Claire's brother, Chris, went into the facility in search of her. Alexia fought against the reunited siblings, as well as Wesker himself (who was after Alexia for his employer). At this point, Alexia begins mutation from the T-Veronica strain in her body.


Personality and attributes

Powers and abilities

Alexia's first transformation consists of her body turning grey and a vine-like entity partially covering her body. Since her mutation is a result of her body catching fire,her clothes burn off and Alexia walks around the facility barefoot and naked wearing no traditional underwear. She becomes incredibly powerful in this form, gaining the ability to throw flames at her foes. Alexia's second form, however, displays the signature T-Virus' (and its relatives') characteristic inability to adapt to significant amounts of damage, with Alexia's body undergoing radical physical transformation. Although she retains her impressive intellect, Alexia's body degenerates into the primary components used in the creation of the T-Veronica Virus, thereafter taking on the appearance and characteristics of a sort of twisted ant queen, complete with a giant lower abdomen producing partially-formed larvae.

In her third and final phase, she loses the oviduct, allowing her to fly freely into the air. Like in her first form, she attacks by spitting vomit that turns into flames and is invulnerable to all sorts of firearms, with the exception of a specialized anti-B.O.W. Linear Launcher, making her the second-most powerful B.O.W. created by Umbrella.

Chris fights against her first form within in a hall resembling the one from the Arklay Research Facility. He leaves her for dead, only for her to show up outside the control room of the facility. In this encounter, she transforms into her second and third phases before ultimately being destroyed by Chris.


  • Alexia Ashford was created by Shinji Mikami.
  • In the novelisation of Code: Veronica written by S.D. Perry, Alexia is depicted as a megalomaniac with delusions of godhood, considering all lifeforms beneath her. Also, she only undergoes the first and second stages of her mutations, perishing after Chris succeeds in blasting off her two lower wings and then directs a blast from the Linear Launcher into her abdomen.


  • Resident Evil: Code Veronica:

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