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Dated Events

  • Real World: January 20. After Ronald Reagan is inaugurated as President, the Iran Hostage Crisis ends when the remaining 52 hostages are released. (An agreement for their release had been signed the day before.)
  • Real World: March 30. John Hinckley, Jr. shoots but fails to assassinate U.S. President Ronald Reagan.
  • Real World: May 13. Pope John Paul II is nearly killed by an assassin as he enters St. Peter's Square in Rome.
  • Real World: June 5. The CDC makes the first report of what becomes known as AIDS.
  • Real World: June 7. Israeli Air Force pilots destroy the Osiraq Nuclear Reactor in Iraq.
  • Real World: October 6. Members of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad assassinate Egyptian President Anwar Sadat in response to his negotiations with Israel.

Undated Events

New Fictional Works

Notable Books

Distant Star by Samuel R. Delany, Red Dragon by Thomas Harris, Cujo by Stephen King, Strata by Terry Pratchett, Chiefs by Stuart Woods.

Notable Films

  • An American Werewolf in London, The Black Cat, Blood Beach, The Boogens, Charlie Chan and the Curse of the Dragon Queen, Clash of the Titans, Condorman, Crocodile, Dark Night of the Scarecrow, Dead and Buried, Demonoid, Dragonslayer, Escape from New York, Excalibur, Fear No Evil, The Final Conflict, Firebird 2015 A.D.
  • For Your Eyes Only, Friday the 13th, Part II, Galaxy of Terror, Ghost Story, Halloween II, Heartbeeps, Heavy Metal, House by the Cemetery, The Howling, The Incredible Shrinking Woman, The Intruder Within, Kiss Daddy Goodbye, The Legend of the Lone Ranger, Looker, The Monster Club, The Next One, Night of the Zombies
  • Omen III: The Final Conflict, Outland, Piranha Part 2: The Spawning, Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Road Warrior, Samurai Reincarnation, Scanners, Superman II, Tarzan the Ape Man, Time Bandits, The Unseen, Wolfen

Notable Television Series

  • Beginning: Blackstar, The Day of the Triffids, Goliath Awaits (miniseries), Hero High, Into the Labyrinth, Shazam!, Space Stars, Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, The Tarzan/Lone Ranger/Zorro Adventure Hour, Ulysses 31 (Japan).
  • Continuing: Doctor Who (Season 19), The Incredible Hulk (Season 4), Sapphire and Steel (Seasons 2 and 3), Thundarr the Barbarian (Season 2).
  • Ending: Batman and the Super Seven, Blake's 7, The Tarzan/Lone Ranger Adventure Hour.

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