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The Amazons are a group that feature in DC Comics.




In the aftermath, Queen Hippolyta decided to withdraw from the world and go into isolation with this being a possession opposed by a group of Amazons led by Atalanta. She took her followers and left Paradise Island where they settled in the lands of South America. (Wonder Woman v1 #319)


Princess Diana of the Amazons in Wonder Woman v2 #1.

Thousands of years ago when Greece was young, a cult of immortality formed that consisted of Vampires that started to feed on the young and impressionable that was draw to them. However, over time, the cult became greedy and started to rampantly feeding on people forcing them to expand as they exhausted their local food supply. This brought them into confrontation with the Amazons led by Hippolyta who waged war against them. After a great and terrible battle, the Vampires were defeated where they were banished by Hippolyta who marked the cult with 'X' as they were labelled the Tenth Circle in reference to the various circles of Hell. (JLA v1 #95)

At some point, an Amazon priestess of the Necropolis went mad during her thousand year service as caretaker of Themyscira's dead leading her to resent her own comrades. As a result, she began consulting ancient rituals that led her to use magic to animate the dead in her care turning them into her servants. Such a practice she made in secret and had the dead built her the city of the dead underground that was linked to the underworld. As Amazons were immortal, she was forced to take the bodies of the dead from the rest of the world that were brought to Necropolis. She was eventually discovered by a young Princess Diana who was drawn to the underground city by dreams concerning her dead comrade Ariadne. Diana learnt of the priestess's plans to use her undead army to conquer the living but it was her undead comrade Ariadne who resisted the priestess' commands and wounded her. The wounded priestess was then killed by her undead army as they resented the servitude that had been forced on them and with her dead the Necropolis collapsed as it was magically sustained by her. Following the revelation of the priestess's plot, the practice of appointing an Amazon as guardian of their dead ended and instead their dead were cremated. (Wonder Woman Annual v2 #6)

In 1932, a young Julia Kapatelis as a child was onboard a ship at sea that succumbed to a brutal storm with the girl being washed into the sea only to be saved by the sea god Thetis who brought her to Themyscira. She was treated by the Amazons who imbued her with feelings of peace and equality as one among hundreds of girls that had been saved by them to be returned to Patriarch's World. The silver haired Pythia was selected to be Julia's Guardian of Inspiration until she was returned to the beach where the sea deities brought her back to Man's World to her family in the hopes that she would promote peace in humanity. Kapatelis was the last of the children that were saved as part of this honored duty. (Wonder Woman Annual v2 #1)

The fate of Diana led to Queen Hippolyta declaring war against Patriarch's World with the Amazons striking at Washington, D.C. (Amazons Attack! v1 #1)


Following the Flashpoint, a new timeline of events were created leading to an alternate history affecting the Amazons.

They were created by the goddesses to inspire and protect mankind from the influence of Ares. However, they spent a lifetime at war with the world and fought against Hercules as well as his butchering armies but at the cost of many lives. In the aftermath, Hippolyta led her people into seclusion to a hidden island known as Themyscira. (Divergence v1 #1) The first Queen of the Amazons was Antiope with it long rumored that the goddess Hera gave her the crystalline relic known as the Eye of Antiope that gave the people of Paradise Island their longevity. (Wonder Woman v4 #47)


They regularly trained blindfolded in order to heighten their other senses in case they were ever blinded. (Trinity v2 #17)

Amazonian courting rituals involved one member presenting herself before her intended mate and offering them a coconut. Within it was a nectarine seed that was strung onto a necklace and a bracelet made of thorns that was partially wrapped in blue, red and gold ribbons. The nectarine seed symbolizes a bounty that is hoped for but not yet achieved whilst the bracelet's colors each hold a different meaning. Blue represents hope, red represents danger and gold represents a request to the goddess Athena to provide her blessing for the potential union. The pursuing Amazon must take out the necklace and say the words, "That thou art full of promise" and bless it with a kiss whereupon the necklace is placed around their lover's neck. After that, they were to take out the bracelet and say the words, "That thou shall know the heart of another" and place it on their lover's wrist. Should the recipient accept the gifts of courtship, she must agree to wear the necklace as well as the bracelet always and never remove it unless it was mutually agreed upon to form a lasting relationship together. The Amazon and their lover must then perform a series of trials that were physical, mental and emotional tests of their relationship to demonstrate that they can withstand the dangers of life together. This only continues until the lovers agree to finalize their relationship. (Wonder Woman v3 #18-#36)

The Dive of the Nereids was one such ritual practiced on Themyscira that were preluded by chants of sacred prayers to the sea deities whereby one of their number performs the act and completes it by diving into the sea water. These Rites of the Nereids was considered a tribute to the sea gods and given in thanks to them for protecting the island. (Wonder Woman Annual v2 #1) The sea god Thetis was noted to save children that were lost at sea with the girls being brought to Themyscira to be treated and also mentally influenced to promote peace as well as equality. An Amazon was selected to be the child's Guardian of Inspiration marked with a kiss of inspiration on the head whereupon the girl was placed on the beach for the sea deities to return them to their home in Patriarch's World where it was hoped that they could promote peace in mankind with this being an honored duty. This custom was known as the Send Forth with the mortal never remembering the experience. (Wonder Woman Annual v2 #1)

Amongst the rituals practiced by the Amazons was the Hiketeia where the supplicant gave their personal honor to submit to the supplicated. During this time, the supplicated had total authority over the supplicant but cannot abuse them. Thus, anything within reason must be complied with whereupon it was to answer truthfully or be called upon for a lifetime of service by the supplicant which they must obey. A requirement of the rite was comfort being given to the supplicant and a place of honor be set aside on the banquet table with food as well as drink being offered first with any questions being asked carefully. The host must never abuse these facts whilst the supplicant had surrendered their honor,. Thus, the supplicant in turn receives all the food and worldly comforts possible as well as were able to break the Hiketeia at any time. However, only the supplicant was able to break the ritual and should the supplicated do so then the Erinyes arrive to kill them for the violation. Any breach of the sanctity of the rite will lead to the Furies personally feasting on the offenders flesh. (Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia)

Among the most important events in the calendar was the Feast of the Five that represented their most holy day. This day of reverence involves the Amazons paying homage to the five Olympian deities that were responsible for their creation. This saw constant prayer and worship with the event starting with a hunt in honor of the goddess Artemis. This was followed by a harvest to honor the goddess Demeter with a field being done for the remaining goddesses. (Wonder Woman v2 #35-38) One rare rite was the funeral ritual as the Amazon were immortal and death was not seen during their time on Paradise Island. A random Amazon would be selected to serve as priestess of the Temple of the Necropolis where she wore a golden mask and stood guard of her dead fellow sisters for a thousand years. Dead Amazons were garbed in their warrior gear during the ceremony as her sisters honored their deceased comrade where a gold coin was placed on their tongue for collection by Charon the Ferryman. This tradition ended when the last priestess of the Necropolis had gone insane from the centuries of loneliness and had animated the dead bodies in her care to create an undead army at her command. As a result, the funeral ritual was changed and instead cremation was adopted by the people of Themyscira. (Wonder Woman Annual v2 #6)

For medicine, a specialised group of Amazons were part of the Sisters of Asclepius who responded to injuries and other injuries faced by a person on the island. (JLA v1 #98) Certain Amazons were known to be worshippers and followers of the witch-goddess Hecate. (Wonder Woman and Justice League Dark: The Witching Hour v1 #1) One organization within the ranks of the Amazons was the Blue Guard who wore blue clothing and trained for their entire lives in order to protect the royal house of Themyscira. (Wonder Woman Annual v2 #6)

Their armies were known to make use of a variety of war beasts from Greek legends. (Amazons Attack! v1 #1)

Swords created from the Themysciran forges always sought to return to their rightful owners and grew stronger the closer they got to their bearer. (Wonder Woman v5 #72)


  • Hippolyta
  • Diana :
  • Consivia : blonde Amazon who served as the chief architect that served with Queen Hippolyta in building the homes of their people after they arrived on Themyscira. (Wonder Woman Annual v2 #1)
  • Egeria : a red haired Amazon who served as the first Captain of the Guards who died stopping a breach from Dooms Doorway with a statue being made to honor her sacrifice. (Wonder Woman Annual v2 #1)
  • Epione : a red short-haired Amazon who served as the chief physician and stationed at the Island of Healing on Themyscira. (Wonder Woman Annual v2 #1)
  • Euboea : a dark haired Amazon who was a champion diver and served as instructor in the art of the Rites of the Nereids to a Diana who also mentored Vanessa Kapatelis when she did the dive during a visit to Themyscira. (Wonder Woman Annual v2 #1)
  • Venilia : an Amazon that performed the Dive of the Nereids when Julia and Vanessa Kapatelis visited Themyscira with Wonder Woman. (Wonder Woman Annual v2 #1)
  • Ariadne : a dark blue haired Amazon who was a member of the Blue Guard that died in an accident on Themyscira marking her as the first of their number to had died in centuries where she was buried at the Necropolis only for her to be resurrected as an undead warrior by the temples priestess. (Wonder Woman Annual v2 #6)
  • Artemis :
  • Exoristis :
  • Myrina : an Amazonian assassin who was the slayer of Echidna and tamer of the Griffin who gave birth to Grail the daughter of Darkseid on the same night as Diana's birth. (Divergence v1 #1)
  • Antiope : Diana's grandmother and first queen of the Amazons who was poisoned by the Spartan King Kleomenes as he desired the Eye of Antiope that gave the people of Themyscira their longevity. (Wonder Woman v4 #47)
  • Atalanta : (Wonder Woman v1 #319)
  • Drusilla :
  • Menalippe :
  • Donna Troy :
  • Artemis :
  • Philippus :
  • Nubia :
  • Hessia :
  • Alkyone :
  • Myrto :
  • Charis :
  • Philomela :
  • Penthiselea :
  • Penelope :


  • The Amazons were created by William Moulton Marston and Harry G. Peter where they made their first appearance in All Star Comics v1 #8 (January 1942)

Alternate Versions

  • In Earth 2 v1 (2012), the Amazons were present in the alternate setting of Earth-2 where the majority had been annihilated in the Apokolips War leaving Wonder Woman the last of their number. She was killed at the end of the conflict but her daughter Fury survived as a servant to her father Steppenwolf until she left Darkseid's service. Fury was among the inhabitants that escaped onto a new world after Earth was lost to Apokolips. On this second Earth, she helped reform the warrior society of the Amazons in secret where she operated as Queen and formed an alliance with the surviving Atlanteans under Queen Marella. In Earth-2: Society v1 (2016), it was revealed that the slain Amazons of Amazonia on Earth had their souls saved by Fury who contained them in the Pandora Vessel in the hope of restoring their bodies. However, after her ark-ship crashed on their new world she had no choice but to release a number of the Amazon souls to the crew to save them from radiation poisoning. Thus, the crew became a hybrid of human bodies with Amazon souls living in symbiosis with one another.
  • In Dark Nights: Metal v1 (2017), an alternate version of Ares was shown in the world as Earth-12 was shown in the Dark Multiverse. On this world, a corrupted Batman slayed Ares and claimed his helmet causing him to become a war god called the Merciless where he massacred other deities. Among those that challenged him were the Amazons who he killed and he then forced the ferryman Charon to give him all the coins they had for passage to the afterlife. He then melted the coins to make a giant penny thus preventing the Amazons from going to Elysium to get peace. Thus, their undead spirits were bound to the Merciless and he could summon them into battle against his enemies.
  • In Gotham City Garage v1 (2017), an alternate world setting was shown where the world was devastated leading to Lex Luthor establishing a sanctuary known as the Garden where he ruled the remaining city of humanity. The Amazons were said to had existed. They celebrated the Festival Panathenaea for the achievements of Diana which was extended for weeks with them believing they had a great destiny for their world until a cataclysm struck Themyscira killing the Amazons or scattering them leaving Wonder Woman alone. In the aftermath, Wonder Woman put tattoos on her body that within Amazon culture was from a time when they were put as a punishment and reminder of loss and failure.

In other media


  • In the DC Animated Universe, the Amazons made a number of appearances in the shared continuity setting.
    • In Justice League, the Amazons remained undisturbed on Themsycira where under their queen Hippolyta they guarded the entrance to the underworld which served as a prison for Hades. Diana left the Amazons and joined the newly formed Justice League in repelling an alien invasion. The Amazonians were decimated by Felix Faust when he attempted to free Hades until he was defeated by Wonder Woman with the Justice League.
    • In Justice League Unlimited, the Amazons appeared in the episode "The Balance" where they tried to stop Felix Faust fron going through the doorway into the underworld on Themyscira. However, Faust's soul was within the Annihilator armor and be effortlessly made his way past them. In the aftermath, they tried to shut the doorway when hordes of demons attempted to make their way into the mortal world.
  • In Batman: The Brave and the Bold, the Amazons made a brief appearance in the animated series in the episode "Triumvirate of Terror!". Wonder Woman had returned to Themyscira where she witnessed a friendly tournament among the Amazons who were defeated by a masked individual that was actually the Joker in disguise. He defeated them and had used Joker gas at them leaving them laughing constantly as he took over the island.


  • In Wonder Woman, the Amazons featured as part of the plot in the 2009 animated movie. Long ago, Hippolyta led them when Ares waged war on Earth and brought his armies to battle the Amazons. The god of war was defeated and the battle weary Amazons were gifted a paradise island on Themyscira by the gods. On Themyscira, they would be immortal and allowed to live in peace whilst they guarded the now mortal Ares in his prison where he remained in mystical shackles that removed his powers.
  • In Superman/Batman, the Amazons made an appearance in the animated film. Kara Zor-El and Harbinger stay with the Amazons on Themyscira which comes under attack from a horde of Doomsday clones. The Amazonians assemble their defenders where they hold the line against the brutal attack and succeed in repelling the attack.
  • In Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, the Amazons made an appearance in the animated movie that followed a similar storyline as the comic. They were a civilization that remained hidden on the world until Diana met Aquaman. This led to an alliance between the Amazons and Atlanteans where a marriage was intended between their leaders. However, Diana kills a jealous Mera leading to war between the two people where Atlantis invades Themyscira where the Amazons sink their homeland before fleeing. They later conquer the United Kingdom and name it New Themyscira where they continued their war against Atlantis with this war threatening to destroy the planet. Ultimately, a final battle is waged in the United Kingdom between the Amazon and Atlantean armies when a dying Aquaman detonates Captain Atom to destroy the world.
  • In the DC Extended Universe, the Amazons made multiple appearances in the shared continuity setting.
    • In Wonder Woman, the Amazons first appeared in the 2017 live-action film. They were female warriors who were created long ago by the Olympian Gods after the formation of mankind in order temper the violent hatred in humans caused by the war god Ares. They managed to bring peace for a time but were enslaved until their Queen Hippolyta freed them with the Olympian Gods intervening as they fought Ares. Afterwards, the hidden island of Themyscira where they lived in peace as they remained immortal. At some point, Queen Hippolyta mated with the god Zeus with her giving birth to a daughter named Diana whose parentage was hidden from her as she was the only person capable of killing a god. They trained as warriors but lived in secret until the modern age when American pilot Steve Trevor discovered the island during World War I. German forces attacked the island in pursuit of Trevor where they battled the Amazons who suffered losses but managed to kill the attackers.
    • In Justice League, the Amazons appeared in the 2017 live-action film. It was shown that thousands of years that they fought against the New God Steppenwolf in order to defend the world against him. After his defeat, they took one of his three Mother Boxes and kept it within a temple on Themyscira. At some point, it was said that a war was fought between the Amazons and the Atlanteans. By the modern age, the Mother Box summoned Steppenwolf back to Earth where he appeared through a Boom Tube in the temple leading to a battle between him and his Parademons against the Amazons. Despite their efforts, many of them were slain and the Mother Box was claimed by Steppenwolf. The Amazons decided to send out a warning that could be seen by Wonder Woman as the warrior women were unable to depart Themyscira.
  • In Wonder Woman: Bloodlines, the Amazons appeared in the setting of the 2019 animated film. It was shown that they resided on Themyscira where at the command of the gods they were to avoid contact with Man's World with this edict continuing in the reign of Queen Hippolyta. This was until Steve Trevor crashed onto the island and was saved by Princess Diana who departed her people to accompany him to Man's World to serve as a hero.

Video games

  • In DC Universe Online, the Amazons were martialed by Wonder Woman to combat the threat posed by Circe's Beastiamorphs. Players taking the hero alignment were assigned a number of missions to help support the Amazons whilst those of a villain alignment battle them. Among the Amazon ranks shown included Hoplites and Paranchos.
  • In Injustice: Gods Among Us, in a parallel world led by the One Earth government, the Amazons were turned to the evil Superman's cause in bringing about a totalitarian reign on their world. However, after hearing of the growing Insurgency and dissatisfaction of the civilian population, Superman decides to destroy various cities to punish them. This led to him going to his reality's Wonder Woman who was also his lover where she assembled an army of Amazons to begin decimating cities. However, the mainstream Wonder Woman battles and defeats her counterpart in a duel where she calls upon her Amazon sisters to see the wrongful actions of their leader whereupon she leads them in battling the evil Aquaman's Atlantean forces.
  • In DC Legends, the Amazons appeared in the story setting of the iOS video game with Wonder Woman being one of their number. Nekron had used his powers and the Manhunters to control Paradise Island where he reanimated several of the dead Amazons as part of his forces.


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