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Themyscira is an island that features in DC Comics Wonder Woman.




Modern Day

The island was invaded by the forces of Apokolips when Darkseid sought to find the location of the Olympian gods that empowered Wonder Woman. (Wonder Woman v2 #103)


Centuries ago, a Spaniard priest travelling to the New World had his ship visited by naked Amazon's that tempted the crew except for him. After the night, the Amazon's proceeded to kill the crew and commandeer the ship though the priest survived this purge where he disguised himself as a dead body whereupon he fled on a boat. The Spaniard was also a mapmaker and managed to recall the journey allowing him to pinpoint the location of Themyscira though none would believe him. In this time, Ra's al Ghul heard his tales and took the map afterwards he killed the mapmaker allowing him knowledge on the location of the legendary lost island. (Batman and Robin v2 #30)

After the death of Damian Wayne, Ra's al Ghul acquired his grandson's body along with that of his daughter Talia where he sought to resurrect them. He sought to find an active Lazarus Pit and came to believe that the mysterious Cavern of Neekta on the fabled isle of Themyscira held such a pit. Thus, he travelled with a retinue of assassin's but were confronted by Batman and Wonder Woman when they opened the pit. However, the pit did not hold a Lazarus Pit but rather the Neekta imprisoned by Zeus that was a creature of darkness who sought to consume everyone in its search from freedom. Ra's al Ghul would manage to escape with the bodies of Damian and Talia whilst Batman along with Diana allowed the Neetka's its presence where it faded from existence after seeing the sun rise. (Batman and Robin v2 #30)

The Greek god Hephaestus hired Deathstroke with the goal of journeying into Tartarus and assassinating the captured Titan Lapetus. To accomplish this goal, Wilson was gifted a god-forged sword where he was confronted by Wonder Woman. (Deathstroke v3 #7) The power of the sword caused Slade to shatter the onyx statue that served as Lapetus's prison whereupon his essence began to gather his scattered body parts to his chained corpse in order to revive himself again. Once reborn, he took his army with the intention of killing the Amazons where he was confronted by Deathstroke who allied with Wonder Woman against the Titan. (Deathstroke v3 #8)


Notable locations on the isle included:

  • Astronomical Observatory :
  • Delian Hill :
  • Doom's Doorway :
  • Cavern of Neekta : also known as the Cavern of Night that held the darkness covered creature known as the Neekta that Zeus imprisoned and purged the world's memory of it except for a few records. (Batman and Robin v2 #30)
  • Temple of Athena :
  • Temple of The Patrons :

The waters around the island were said to be protected by the children of Ketos Aithiopios that were predator sea creatures. (Countdown v1 #30)

There were said to be records on the island that contained the number of times that humanity had failed to embrace each other and respect the bounty given by Gaea. (JLA v1 #100)


  • Hippolyta :
  • Diana :
  • Myrina :


  • Paradise Island was created by William Moulton Marston and Harry G. Peter where it made its first appearance in All-Star Comics v1 #8 (December, 1941).
  • It was named Themyscira in Wonder Woman v2 #1 (February, 1987).

Alternate Versions

  • In the Flashpoint universe, Themyscira was sunk as act of spite against the invading forces of Atlantis leading to the Amazons conquering the United Kingdom which they named New Themyscira.

In other media


  • In Justice League, Themyscira or Paradise Island made its first appearance in the DC Animated Universe television series starting with the pilot episode.
  • In Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Themyscira appeared in the 2011 animated television series in the episode "Triumverate of Terror!".
  • In Legends of Tomorrow, Themyscira appeared in the live-action television series set in the Arrowverse where it was shown in the episode "Helen Hunt". Zari took the time displaced Helen of Troy to the island after returning her to her point in history but sent her to live there among the warrior women to be free from the constant conflicts men fought for Helen.


  • In Wonder Woman, Themyscira appeared as part of the setting in the 2009 animated movie. It was gifted to the weary Amazons by the Olympian gods following the heavy losses they had suffered at the hands of Ares army. Hera stated that this Paradise Island was an idyllic land whereby the Amazons could live in peace, mystically cloaked from the outside world and never grow old. In addition, Queen Hippolyta and the Amazons were to serve as jailers to the defeated Ares who remained locked away with his god-like power suppressed by shackles for centuries. Such was the state of affairs for centuries until the modern day when a fighter jet brought American pilot Steve Trevor to the island.
  • In Superman/Batman: Apocalypse, Paradise Island featured in the animated film adaptation of the comic storyline. Kara Zor-El who had recently arrived on Earth was taken there for training by the Amazons to allow her better control of her Kryptonian powers. Another reason was because Harbinger had a vision that showed the forces of Apokolips sought to kidnap the girl.
  • In Justice League: the Flashpoint Paradox, Themyscira is shown in the flashback sequences that show the start of the war between the Amazons and Atlanteans. Initially, it served as the site where the marriage between Aquaman and Wonder Woman was to take place until Diana killed Mera. This saw an aggressive response from Atlantis who invaded the island and saw Diana sinking it to kill the invaders whilst the Amazons fled their home. Afterwards, they conquered the United Kingdom which they named New Themyscira and continued their war against Atlantis.
  • In Justice League: War, Paradise Island was referenced in the setting of the 2014 animated film with Wonder Woman said to be coming from there.
  • In the DC Extended Universe, Themyscira made multiple appearances in the shared continuity setting.
    • In Wonder Woman, Themyscira appeared in the 2017 live-action film where it was the home of the Amazons. It was created for them thousands of years ago and enchanted by the Olympian Gods where it remained hidden from the rest of the world. Once there, the immortal female warriors remained there where they trained and lived in peace. During World War I, American pilot Steve Trevor was being pursued by German forces and accidently passed through the barrier onto Themyscira. The Germans landed in order to kill him but were confronted by the Amazons with many of their number being killed before defeating the invaders.
    • In Justice League, Themyscira appeared in the 2017 live-action film. It was shown that after defeating Steppenwolf that the Amazons claimed one of his three Mother Boxes which they kept on a temple on their island. In the modern age, the Mother Box summoned Steppenwolf back to Earth where he emerged in the temple through a Boom Tube and sent forth his Parademons to reclaim the relic. The Amazons fought him and attempted to take it away but failed with their army converging on Steppenwolf but he managed to depart through a Boom Tube in search for the other boxes.
  • In Wonder Woman: Bloodlines, Themyscira appeared in the setting of the 2019 animated film. It was shown to be an island populated by the immortal Amazon warriors where at the command of the gods they were to avoid contact with Man's World with this edict continuing in the reign of Queen Hippolyta. A magical barrier surrounded the island that caused anyone that left it to forget its location as a security measure.

Video games

  • In Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, Themyscira appeared as a playable stages in the 2008 fighting video game.
  • In Injustice: Gods Among Us, Themyscira appeared as an arena in the game and part of the storyline. An alternate reality version of Earth saw Superman going mad with grief after he was tricked into killing Lois Lane by the Joker. In a rage, he killed the Joker and established the One Earth Regime with himself as the High Councilor. This world's Wonder Woman sided with High Councilor Superman with the Amazons of Themyscira following her. Due to the Insurgency, High Councilor Superman grew to hate the people of his world as not appreciating his efforts at enforcing the peace and decided to punish them. This saw him decide to level both Metropolis and Gotham with Diana going to Themyscira preparing the Amazon army. The alternate Ares warned the main reality version of Wonder Woman of this plot where she was transported to Themyscira to defeat her counterpart and brought the Amazons to support the Insurgency against the Regime Superman.
  • In DC Legends, Themyscira or Paradise Island served as a setting in the iOS video game setting when the characters journeyed their to find where Nekron was hiding himself during his invasion of the mortal world.
  • In DC: Unchained, Themyscira was referenced in the setting of the mobile video game.


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