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Jane Foster in Valkyrie: Jane Foster v1 #6.

Jane Foster is a female comic character who features in Marvel Comics.




Captured by Mister Hyde in Journey into Mystery v1 #100.

Jane Foster

Her mother developed cancer when she was nine years old with the condition being fatal. (Unworthy Thor v1 #4) Prior to her death, she told her daughter to have faith and find a God to believe in though Jane did not heed her words as she was at first angry at the idea of believing in a higher being due to the loss of her mother. (Mighty Thor v1 #704) Afterwards, she was cared for by her father who was a plumber and worked two jobs in order to pay for his daughter to go through medical school with him exhausting himself in the process. Despite that, he provided Jane a good childhood as he never missed any of her softball games or forgetting her birthday and always encouraged her in anything she set her mind towards accomplishing. (Unworthy Thor v1 #4) Years ago, Jane had become a nurse when her father had developed complications from a heart attack leading to his death with Dr. Blake informing her of his passing with him being the last family member she had with her saying goodbye to him. (Mighty Thor v1 #704)


Goddess of Thunder from Mighty Thor v2 #1.

She began to hear the voice from Mjolnir calling to her with Heimdall transporting her to the Moon where the weapon rested. This saw her reaching out to it and being worthy of wielding the hammer which transformed her into the new Thor. (Mighty Thor v1 #705) She was transformed by the magic of the weapon where her entire physique was changed as she became a superhero with all the powers of the God of Thunder. (Thor v4 #1)

Cul alongside his new Thunder Guard ambushed the new Thor at the Rainbow Bridge at Asgardia. (Mighty Thor v2 #2)

Thus, Jane died where she appeared in the afterlife at the gates of Valhalla where Odin was prepared to take her to the heavenly realm for his service after coming to term with her actions. She, however, expressed doubts that this was the end for her as she felt that she had more to give to the world. At the same time, Thor harnessed the power of the Mother Storm and channelled it in an effort to return Jane to life. With Odin's help, the pair were able to restore Jane Foster to life allowing her to return as a mortal once more. With the hammer destroyed, her time as Thor had come to an end but she urged for Thor Odison to reclaim the mantle to protect all the realms whilst Jane had a new lease at life with her undertaking treatment to deal with the cancer in her body. (Mighty Thor v1 #706)

Whilst maintaining her treatment, she was informed that her cancer had gone into full remission with her hair starting to grow back as she continued her medical duties. (Thor v5 #11)

She ended up picking up the hammer of the War Thor though its power did not corrupt her but instead transformed her back into her Thor guise. Jane then joined the Odinson who had a plan to defeat Malekith after sacrificing his eye to the World Tree for knowledge. He summoned the past and future version of himself with the four Thors then arriving at the site where the Odinson's parents were being held captive. With their power, the Thor's were able to free Odin and Freyga with Jane sending her hammer's last bit of energy to strike Laufey on Midgard thus allowing the Frost Giant to be defeated. Malekith was then defeated when his fear of losing causing his own hunting animals to turn on him which brought an end to the War of the Realms. Jane then went to the dissipating energy of the War Thor hammer where she was glad to be able to wield the lightning one last time when the last remnant of the weapon then morphed into a manacle around Jane's arm. (War of the Realms v1 #6) It thus became Undrjarn the All-Weapon where she was transformed into the new Valkyrie in order to usher the souls of the dead to Valhalla. (War of the Realms Omega v1 #1)


Among her first tasks was to hunt down Earth criminals that had stolen weapons from the War of the Realms including the sword Dragonfang. Jane managed to defeat most of the supervillains but failed to capture the one that took the sword. This impacted on her civilian life as she sought to maintain her secret identity but being late for work caused her boss to demote her to working as an assistant in the morgue. Afterwards, upon learning the dangers of the blade, she enlisted the aid of Heimdall for using his sight to locate Dragonfang but he came to be mortally wounded on Earth by the assassin Bullseye who had acquired Dragonfang. (Valkyrie: Jane Foster v1 #1) At first, she struggled against the villain who proved to be a quick master of the sword and also because it remained as the last link to Brunnhilde that Jane wanted to preserve. However, the damage Bullseye was doing forced Valkyrie to destroy Dragonfang and she knocked the villain out. She then checked on Heimdall who was dying from his wounds and he bade her to not take him to Valhalla but to a new paradise beyond with Jane agreeing as they decided to embark on a journey of mystery. (Valkyrie: Jane Foster v1 #2)

Confronted with the Grim Reaper, she attempted to battle the villain but he was stronger than her due to being empowered by Mephisto. In addition, his scythe had the ability to harm the All-Weapon with Jane feeling its pain. Despite this being the case, she pursued him into the sky but failed to defeat him as he neared the hell-gate that would allow him to take Doctor Strange's soul to his master. During this time, Jane thought like a Valkyrie and determined that the Grim Reaper saw himself as a hero in this battle. As such, she decided to open a portal into Valhalla thus leaving the villain there where he was powerless. Foster believed that this would give him a chance to heal in the afterlife. She then returned to restore Strange's soul to his body where he was aware of the Valkyrie's true identity and promised to keep it a secret. (Valkyrie: Jane Foster v1 #5) Afterwards, the morgue received a body that came to life and spoke that death was dying with Valkyrie deciding to inform Doctor Strange who concluded that the abstract entity called Death was suffering from some form of ailment. Thus, they gathered a team of healers including Cardiac, Faiza Hussain and Manikin who alongside Night Nurse journeyed into Death's realm to find the cause of the illness affecting her. (Valkyrie: Jane Foster v1 #6)


Personality and attributes

Jane Foster suffering from cancer in Mighty Thor v2 #1.

After being Thor, she claimed to be used to being a superhero though she came to learn that being Valkyrie was much different as that was more akin to a job. (Valkyrie: Jane Foster v1 #1)

Powers and abilities

After becoming worthy of Mjolnir, Jane was transformed by the enchantment of the hammer that altered her appearance to partially resemble Thor Odinson himself. Similarly, she gained the powers of the god of thunder giving her superhuman strength, durability and similar such traits of the Asgardian. With the hammer, she was capable of flight by spinning Mjolnir and launching herself into the air. This allowed her not only the power to travel across space but also offensively by sending the hammer to smash through multiple opponents. Furthermore, she could use it to wield thunder and send it to strike her enemies. Jane could also throw the hammer at enemies and call it back to her though in certain cases something could stop the hammer from returning to her. (Thor v4 #2)

During the War of the Realms, the War Thor's hammer disintegrated as it expended the last of its power where it became Undrjarn the All-Weapon. It had lost its original shape and reset where it could manifest as any item the user wanted such as a sword or a mace. The All-Weapon wanted to change Foster and transform her so that she could take full control over it which led to her transformation into Valkyrie. (War of the Realms Omega v1 #1) The weapon adjusted itself to apply the correct level of force to knock out a foe. Furthermore, the All-Weapon served as both the lock and key to the Asgardian Halls of the Dead in Valhalla. She could quickly transport herself to the location where she simply recited the words instinctually thus opening the doorway and allowing her to converse with the Asgardian dead that were rewarded with a paradise in the afterlife. (Valkyrie: Jane Foster v1 #1) The magical metal was able to slice through the planes of reality to the space between dimensions thus creating portals to anywhere. (Valkyrie: Jane Foster v1 #3)In addition, she gained new powers of sight associated with the Valkyries allowing her to determine the chance of death of an individual. This manifested in her vision as a black sphere that floated above a persons head that grew larger and had a skull-shaped visage within it. Her sight also allowed her to see objects that were normally invisible thus allowing her to catch individuals that attempted to escape via this method. (Valkyrie: Jane Foster v1 #1)

As a Valkyrie, she gained a Vanir winged steed who was capable of speech though he lacked a name and instead preferred to be called Horse. (Valkyrie: Jane Foster v1 #3)


  • Jane Foster was created by Stan Lee, Larry Leiber and Jack Kirby where she made her first appearance in Journey into Mystery v1 #84 (September, 1962).
  • The new Thor was revealed to be Jane Foster in Thor v4 #8 (May 2015) though she debuted in Thor v4 #1 (October, 2014).

Alternate Versions

In other media


  • In The Marvel Super Heroes, Jane Foster appeared in the animated series in The Mighty Thor segments where she was voiced by actor Peg Dixon. She was shown as being a nurse that worked with Dr. Donald Blake and had a romantic interest in him whilst unaware that he was secretly the Asgardian Thor.
  • In The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Jane Foster was a supporting character in the animated series where she was voiced by actor Kari Wahlgren. She was shown as a medic who captured the attention of Thor who regularly saved her from life-threatening attacks in New York City.
  • In Avengers Assemble, Jane Foster appeared in the animated television series fourth season Secret Wars where she was voiced by actor Erica Lindbeck. She was a scientist that specialised in multidimensional sciences and was hired as a researcher at Stark Industries. Foster was in charge of heading the device that was being used to find and rescue Tony Stark when he went missing in another dimension.


  • In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Jane Foster made a number of appearances in the shared continuity setting.
    • In Thor, Jane Foster was part of the main cast in the live-action film where she was portrayed by actor Natalie Portman.
    • In Thor: The Dark World, Jane Foster returned as a cast member in the live-action film she was once again portrayed by actor Natalie Portman.
    • In Thor: Ragnarok, Jane Foster was only mentioned in the live-action film with it being said that she dumped Thor and was no longer involved with him.

Video games

  • In Marvel: Avengers Alliance, Jane Foster appeared as the hero Mighty Thor in the setting of the Facebook video game.
  • In Marvel Heroes, the Jane Foster Thor was introduced as an alternate Thor costume in the MMORPG with her being voiced by Jennifer Hale.
  • In Marvel: Future Fight, the Jane Foster Thor was introduced as a playable character in the mobile game.


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