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Aughra, described as the Keeper of Secrets, was an ancient and wise being who lived in an observatory on a high hill somewhere between the Castle of the Crystal and the Valley of the Mystics. She was thousands of years old, having witnessed the original Great Conjunction, which blinded her in one eye. Over the ensuing thousands of years, she used astronomical prediction to deduce when the next Conjunction would be. Also the shard from the Dark Crystal somehow found its way into her possession.

When Jen, sent by urSu, came seeking Aughra's advice, she explained the nature of the Conjunction as best as she could and provided him with the Shard. Before she could tell him what he was to do with it however, a troupe of Garthim attacked. Jen escaped but Aughra was taken prisoner back to the Skeksis' castle, where the Garthim erroneously presented her as the Gelfling. The General was outraged. After brazenly threatening the Skeksis that Jen would end their power, she was taken away and imprisoned in the Chamber of Life.

When Kira was brought into the Chamber of Life to have her essence drained, it was Aughra who urged her to call upon the imprisoned laboratory animals for help, who freed her and attacked the Scientist, knocking him to his death. Aughra told Kira of the Conjunction, but chose to remain in the Chamber of Life until it actually came to pass.

When the General threw Fizzgig down the castle shaft, Aughra notice him hanging onto the Scientist's reflector mirror just outside the chamber door and rescued him with a stick. The pair then proceeded to the Crystal Chamber, in time to witness the remaining Skeksis and Mystics reunite to form the UrSkeks.

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