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Cameron is a female television robotic character that features in Terminator.



Cameron Phillips was the name given to a model of Terminator constructed at a factory by the year 2027 by Skynet. The machine was built with the purpose of replacing a human resistance fighter by the name of Allison Young. To achieve that end, Young was captured with the cyborg interrogating Allison in a future Skynet prison about the details of her life, the location of John Connor, and the nature of Allison's superficially innocuous bracelet pass. Once the interrogation is complete, the Terminator kills Allison and sets out to infiltrate the resistance in Allison's place to terminate John and "place his head upon a pike for all to see". Upon taking her identity, the unit was sent to get close to resistance leader John Connor.

She then became a trusted lieutenant of Connor with the Terminator being dispatched back in time to the year 1999 in order to protect his younger self and his mother Sarah Connor.

Thus, she arrived in the town of Red Valley, New Mexico where she came to enrol at high school as a student under the name of Cameron Phillips. During the fall semester, John Connor under the name of John Reese arrived had left Nebraska on August 24, 1999 ad enrolled at the school. He was immediately greeted by Cameron who was fully aware of his identity and moved to protect John from the substitute teacher Mr. Cromartie who was actually a T-888 series Terminator. Cameron took the Connors to safety to the bank whilst being pursued by Cromartie with her sealing them in the vault which was revealed to had been a time displacement device assembled by a Resistance engineer from the future. They used the machine to jump forward in time to the year 2007 where they embarked on their mission to prevent the creation of Skynet. (Episode: Pilot)


Personality and attributes

Her features were actually based on the flesh of an actual human resistance fighter by the name of Allison Young. During her infiltration of John Connors school, she went under the name of Cameron Phillips. (Episode: Pilot)

Powers and abilities

Similar to other Terminators, her endoskeleton was constructed from the metal coltan. (Episode: Heavy Metal)


  • Cameron was created by Josh Friedman and James Cameron where she was portrayed by actor Summer Glau.
  • The character's name was a homage to Terminator franchise creator James Cameron.
  • Promotional posters referred to Cameron's model as being a "TERMINATOR CLASS TOK715".


  • Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles:

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