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Carol Hines is a female comic character that features in Marvel Comics.



Carol Hines was a technician who worked for the Weapon X project. When soldiers working for the Weapon X project brought in their captive Logan, Carol Hines reviewed the medical records of Logan. Carol Hines was present when the Adamantium-bonding process was used on Logan where she was at the side of Professor Thorton and Abraham Cornelius. (Marvel Comics Presents v1 #72) When he went berserk upon breaking free, Carol Hines was a witness to this as Logan slaughtered many soldiers and scientists while escaping. (Marvel Comics Presents v1 #76)

At the time when Wolverine is planning to confront Professor Thorton, Carol Hines was present when Professor Thorton tells her that Wolverine is playing right into his hands. He tells Carol Hines that they are to book a flight to Canada immediately. When Wolverine enters a warehouse in Windsor, Ontario, Professor Thorton and Carol Hines watch alongside some HYDRA Agents. Then Professor Thortorn and Carol Hines enter a room to continue monitoring Wolverine as Professor Thorton activates the Shiva program. As Wolverine fights the Shiva robot, Carol Hines and Professor Thorton are attacked by Silver Fox who knocks out Carol Hines. When the X-Men catch up to where Professor Thorton was, they find Carol Hines with the Professor Thorton's dead body where she tells them that the Shiva robots have escaped the building chanting Sabretooth's name. (Wolverine v2 #50)

HYDRA later had Carol Hines in their clutches at the time when Wolverine and Kestrel arrived at the HYDRA hover ship. Silver Fox has the HYDRA Agents torture the classified information of the Weapon X Program out of Carol Hines. Wolverine and Wraith don't agree with Carol Hines' torture and knock out the HYDRA Agents. After Mastodon liquifies in Jubilee's hands, Carol Hines stated that it's the forseen side effect of his age suppressor giving out. (Wolverine v2 #62) When Wolverine, Silver Fox, Wraith, and Maverick confront Aldo Ferro, Carol Hines tells Wolverine that Aldo Ferro was "Psi-Borg." Aldo Ferro then mutated and killed Carol Hines by snapping her neck. When Maverick checks on Carol Hines, he finds that her neck-snapping was an illusion and that she died of fright at the sight of Aldo Ferro's Psi-Borg form. (Wolverine v2 #63)


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  • Carol Hines was created by Barry Windsor-Smith where she made her first appearance in Marvel Comics Presents v1 #72 (March, 1991).

In other media


  • In Hulk Vs., Carol Hines appeared in a flashback scene in the Wolverine animated segment film where she was seen working on the Adamantium-bonding process on Logan.

Video games

  • In X2: Wolverine's Revenge, Carol Hines appeared in the video game where she was voiced by actor Jennifer Hale. She was seen as a Weapon X employee alongside Abraham Cornelius. Both of them were sent on their way when Logan confronted Professor Thorton. When Wolverine returns to the Weapon X facility to find the cure for the Shiva Strain Virus (which acts as a failsafe implanted in Weapon X test subjects), he manages to find Carol Hines and Abraham Cornelius at the Void (a maximum security detention center for mutant criminals similar to the Vault) where they end up giving Wolverine the Part A info for the Shiva Strain Virus cure.


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