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David North as Agent Zero from Weapon X v2 #3.

David North is a male comic character that features in Marvel.




Christoph Nord was a male Mutant who was born in Germany where it was known that he had a brother named Andreas. During his youth, he lived in East Germany where he operated as an idealistic freedom fighter that fought against the Communist regime as part of the West German Cell Six group. Years later, he had an encounter with an assassin named the Confessor where he was injured and taken to a German hospital. Whilst in recovery, he was tended to by an Italian nurse named Ginetta Barsalini where the two fell in love and a year later the pair got married. During this time, she was pregnant but Christoph came to learn that she was a double agent that had lied to him. He confronted her where she attacked him forcing Christoph to kill her with him feeling regret and guilt over his actions along with resentment for being lied to by someone he trusted. Thus, he devoted his life to his black ops work where he gained fame enough to gain the attention of the Central Intelligence Agency. They made an offer for him to join their an elite team of operatives called Team X and he accepted whereupon he changed his name to David North. It was there that he first encountered his fellow operatives namely Logan, Victor Creed and John Wraith whilst they were overseen by their liaison Major Arthur Frederick Barrington. (Maverick v1 #2)

Around 30 years ago, they were deployed on assignment to East Germany to stop a Russian experiment in creating a supersoldier. Their assignment led to them stealing a device known as the Carbonadium Synthesiser with the Team encountering the test subject Omega Red where they barely managed to survive the fight. (X-Men v2 #6)

Whilst in a hot zone in East Germany, both Logan and Creed were wounded by shrapnel with North dragging his teammates to the border despite standing orders to leave them behind if necessary. During this time, they were ambushed by ruthless assassins led by his estranged brother Andreas who offered to let him go in exchange for his comrades. David refused and ended up killing the assassins that included his own sibling. (Maverick v1 #2)


After Team X disbanded, North quit the Agency and became a mercenary for fire where he adopted the name Maverick as his trade name. (Maverick v1 #2)

Agent Zero

Agent Zero vs. Fantomex in Weapon X v2 #24.

At the Weapon X compound, he would attack an intruder who turned out to be rogue Weapon Plus creation Fantomex. Despite an initial fight, the two would come to an understanding to finding the mystery of Roanoake that had been appearing in connection with Weapon X and Weapon Plus. They would travel to Roanoake to find Wolverine who teamed up with the pair in uncovering this mystery. (Weapon X v2 #24)



Personality and attributes

Upon joining Team X, he took the name David North as he came to distance himself from his past. (Maverick v1 #2)

Powers and abilities


  • Maverick was created by Jim Lee where he made his first appearance in X-Men v2 #5 (February, 1992).

In other media


  • In X-Men, Maverick appeared in a cameo in the 1990s animated television series in the episode "Weapon X, Lies, and Videotape" where he had a non-voiced role. He was among the members of Weapon X that returned to the facility after experiencing their memories of their time together on the team.
  • In X-Men: Evolution, Maverick was mentioned by Omega Red as a member of Weapon X and colleague of Wolverine who he intended to get revenge on in the episode "Target X". Beyond this mention, the character did not feature in the animated series.
  • In Wolverine and the X-Men, the character made an appearance starting in the episode "Past Discretions" where he was voiced by Crispin Freeman. He was shown as being a Mutant with kinetic absorption powers who lived at an isolated cabin with his daughter Cristy Nord who had geokinetic abilities. It was revealed that whilst with Weapon X, a brainwashed Wolverine along with Sabretooth were dispatched to capture Nord for the program. Once there, Nord was brainwashed to serve as an operative of the program where his memories were erased and he became known as Maverick. In "Stolen Lives", he was dispatched to abduct Cristy Nord with Wolverine teaming up with Mystique to rescue them. He was ultimately able to save both father and daughter though Maverick's memories were largely permanently erased though those of his daughter were restored by Emma Frost.


  • In X-Men: Origins: Wolverine, a character named Zero made an appearance in the live-action movie who was portrayed by actor Daniel Henney. This character was perhaps based on Maverick as Agent Zero and was shown to be of Asian ethnicity with superhumanly accurate marksmen skills. Zero was part of William Stryker's Team X taskforce of Mutant operatives.

Video games


  • X-Men v2:
  • Maverick v1:

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