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Adamantium in Astonishing X-Men v3 #1.

Adamantium was a virtually indestructible metal alloy created by Dr. Myron MacLain in the U.S. government's most successful attempt to duplicate the unique alloy of which Captain America's shield was made. Adamantium almost precisely matches the material in the shield, save that it lacks vibranium. Adamantium can only be shaped in a molten state- once allowed to cool, only direct molecular rearrangement or cosmic-level power can alter it.

However, adamantium is also very expensive and difficult to produce. As a result, a slightly weaker, slightly easier-to-create variant known as secondary adamantium was invented, which can be damaged by beings with incredible superhuman strength or bizarre powers. However, for all intents and purposes, it's just as good as "true" adamantium. A Russian attempt to duplicate adamantium resulted in carbonadium.



Japanese scientist Lord Dark Wind studied Adamantium in the years after World War II where he discovered the process of bonding this virtually indestructible metal to human bone. He intended to use this procedure to create an entire army of super-soldier for Japan. (Alpha Flight v1 #34) However, his notes on the process were stolen which took him years to rediscover. (Daredevil v1 #199)

Dr. Myron MacLain later called for he Avengers for an experiment on the effects of Adamantium where the super-powered heroes were unable to break the metal. At this time, the Vision betrayed his team-mates where he stole the Adamantium cylinder which he used to fulfil his creators commands by building a new body made of the material for Ultron-6. (Avengers v1 #66)

In America, among the nation's leading manufacturer of Adamantium was a company called Adametco. (Captain America Annual v1 #8)

Elements in the Canadian government offered a number of soldiers wounded overseas to be shipped back home where they were promised to be taken to a clinic to receive the latest cutting edge medical treatment. However, this proved to be a trick as the individuals were all taken for experiments in bonding Adamantium to their bodies with the metal slowly killing the subjects. Only a single successful development was made in a subject named Citadel who was given a code-cipher designation of Weapon Y. (Wolverine: First Class v1 #5)

At the ruined Slorenia, the Avengers battled Ultron who had built a new body made of Adamantium making him invulnerable to their combined attacks. This was until Vance Astrovik brought Antarctic Vibranium which Hank Pym used to bludgeon the robotic supervillain and seemingly destroyed him. (Avengers v3 #22)

A brain trust in the Hague was given a sample of liquid Adamantium for research purposes. The reborn Cyber intended to steal it and provide the material to the Tinkerer in order to reforge his Adamantium arms. (Wolverine: Origins v1 #12)


It was able to resist incredible force from physical blows and even energy blasts with the molecules remaining in an ultra-stable state. (Avengers v1 #66)

Only a molecular rearranger was capable of altering the shape or form of the metal. (Avengers v1 #66)

It was noted for being a toxic metal in the bloodstream where it slowly destroyed the nervous system in a manner similar to lead poisoning. The synthetic metal when grafted onto bodies were responsible for slowly killing subjects as a result of Adamantium poisoning. (Wolverine: First Class v1 #5)

Adamantium was said to have thirteen allotropic forms that were unstable and short-lived but virulently poisonous. (X-Men v2 #191)

Antarctic Vibranium was known to be able to break and dissolve Adamantium as it did to other metals. (Avengers v3 #22)



  • Adamantium was created by Roy Thomas and Barry Windsor-Smith where it made its first appearance in Avengers v1 #66 (July, 1969).
  • Due to its connection with Wolverine, adamantium has found its way into many of the Marvel media spin-offs.

Alternate Versions

  • In Savage She-Hulk v2 (2009), it was shown to inhabit an alternate universe that was designated as Earth-8009. The last samples of Adamantium were noted to reside in military bases in the Great White Wastes and could be used to fashion weapons. In the 23rd century, the inhabitants of the United Sisterhood Republic of Milago were known to fashion it into bladed weapons.

In other media


  • In The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Adamantium appeared in the animated television series where it was shown in the episode "Behold...The Vision!". Ultron dispatched the Vision to attack a hidden Weapon X facility in order to steal their supply of the metal. It was then used to fashion a new Adamantium-based body for Ultron who intended to take over the planet.
  • In Avengers Assemble, Adamantium was mentioned in the animated television series episode "The Doomstroyer" where it was said the gates of Doctor Dooms Latverian castle were made of the metal.
  • In The Gifted, Adamantium appeared in the live-action television series starting in the episode "exploited". It was described as an extremely rare metallic alloy that was indestructible. Trask Industries managed to acquire it though it took sometime with them finding some of it at a defunct military installation in British Columbia. Roderick Campbell had a specially created tested room at the company's headquarters where he wanted to test the powers of Andy and Lauren Strucker. Creed Financial had a vault that was made of Adamantium which they used to store their financial records and money with the Inner Circle targeting it in order to plunder it of its wealth.


  • In X2: X-Men United, its revealed that William Stryker was responsible for the procedure that bonded Adamantium to Wolverine's skeleton. Strkyer commented that the most difficult thing about Adamantium was getting it into its raw liquid state as it was required to keep it heated in order for it to remain that way. This was because once it cooled the metal was indestructible and thus it was unable to change from that state. Wolverine injects a supply of raw Adamantium into Yuriko Oyama in order to defeat her.
  • In Logan, Adamantium was mentioned in the live-action film with Logan having a bullet made of it for use by himself.

Video games

  • In X-Men: Legends II, Adamantium was featured as part of the backstory of the video game. The brainwashed Beast had those captured Mutants with Harmonic DNA locked into containment pods and held in place by Adamantium restraints.
  • In Marvel Heroes, Adamantium Alloy appeared in the setting of the MMORPG where it could be used as part of a core costume for various characters.


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