Children of the White Lobe

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The Children of the White Lobe are a group that features in DC Comics.



The Children of the White Lobe

A member of their group was involved in kidnapping where she took the daughter of a prominent politician with them hiding on Ranx the Sentient City in Sector 73. This attracted the attention of Green Lantern Guy Gardner and his partner Tos where they mistook the White Lobe member as the person they had to rescue. After saving their real target, they turned their attention to the White Lobe member who decided to detonate herself rather than be allowed to be captured. The explosion killed her though the Green Lanterns survived with the force of the bomb blast causing Ranx to regurgitate the Corpsmen from his body. (Green Lantern Corps v2 #6)

On the mining planet Nibelos, an incursion came from the Children of the White Lobe with Green Lanterns Soranik Natu and Iolande being dispatched to deal with the event. They sought out Tellurium that had the unique property to transmute mental energy into heat which they intended to implant into themselves to turn them into living bombs. (Green Lantern Corps v2 #11)

By the time of the Sinestro Corps War, the Children of the White Lobe allied themselves with the Sinestro Corps in order to destroy the living world Mogo through the use of their abilities but failed in the task.


In appearance, the Children of the White Lobe resembled small Human child sized beings with bald heads that were enemeies of the Green Lantern Corps. Though they appeared harmless, they had powerful psychokinetic abilities allowing them to cause objects to explode just through the power of their minds.

They were described as being a race of Mutants who displayed hyperdevelopment of their frontal lobes. (Green Lantern Corps v2 #11) Through force of will alone, they were able to blink themselves out of existence creating a powerful explosion that can kill those around them. (Green Lantern Corps v2 #6)

It was said that they were a religious cult that were known to abduct people. (Green Lantern Corps v2 #5) Such was their reputation that they were known for being unspeakable to others. (Tales of the Green Lantern Corps Annual v1 #2) Some of their members stated that they did not fear death for the glory of their cause. (Green Lantern Corps v2 #11) They were not above killing themselves in order to prevent being captured. (Green Lantern Corps v2 #6)


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  • The Children of the White Lobe were created by Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill where they made their first appearance in Tales of the Green Lantern Corps Annual v1 #2 (1986).
  • They were only referenced in the original story with them making their first appearance in Green Lantern Corps v2.


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