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Dan Riley was a steamfitter working at the Gotham naval yard as well as a goodhearted family man who did volunteer work two nights a week at the Dock Street Rescue Mission for Ivan. One night as he was leaving the Mission, he was jumped by three mysterious men and hit over the head. Knocked unconscious from the blow, Riley awoke to find himself one of many prisoners of a secret slave labor camp run by Boss Biggis.

He made fast friends with Salvo Smith and eventually Bruce Wayne, the latter of whom was suffering from amnesia after being hit on the head by Biggis' men a lot harder than Riley had. Together, he and Salvo vowed to help Bruce regain his memory. When Salvo angered Boss Biggis and was sentenced to be thrown into a metal box and left out in the sun to die, Riley and Bruce protected their short friend by fighting off dozens of Biggis' men, although they were ultimately overwhelmed.

They still succeeded in saving Salvo, but Biggis order them put into the box in his place. During their stay there, Riley's passionate and heart-wrenching monologue about how he was certain he would never again see his wife and son again was what jump-started Bruce's memory, making him remember the loss of his own family and his identity of Batman. Bruce escaped from the camp and ensured that Batman would put the hurt on Boss Biggis' operation. Following the liberation of the camp, Riley was reunited with his wife and son, and both he and Salvo were given jobs at Wayne Enterprises by their new friend Bruce.


  • Batman: The Animated Series: "The Forgotten" (1992)
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