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Darth Talon is a female comic character who features in Star Wars.



Darth Talon was a female Twi'lek who came to be part of Darth Krayt's Sith Order that operated in secret for decades. Before becoming one of Krayt's assassins, she kills her own master. Krayt then gives her one more test: he engulfs Talon in Force lightning to see how much pain she can take. Talon does not flinch, impressing her new master so much that he makes her one of his chief lieutenants. In time, she became her masters most trusted apprentice and served as his hand where she helped him rise to power on Korriban.

She serves Darth Krayt by killing Elke Vetter, and she was determined to find Princess Sia Fel, daughter of former Emperor Roan Fel as commanded by her master.


Personality and attributes

The beautiful Talon had her body decorated in ritual battle markings that were made by her master Krayt himself.

Powers and abilities

She was one of the most deadly of Krayt's elite Sith warriors.


  • Darth Talon was created by John Ostrander and Jan Duursema where she made her first appearance in Star Wars: Legacy v1 #1 (June 21, 2006) that was part of the Star Wars Legends continuity.


  • Star Wars: Legacy v1:

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