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Dingo before Upgrade

Dingo (1960 - ?) was originally Harry Monmouth of Australia. He was apparently a mercenary before he joined the Pack under the name Dingo. He enjoyed playing the part of a superhero, and being the idol of many, but he began to itch for real action again, as did the rest of the Pack. When the group proceeded on their disastrous hunt of Goliath and Lexington, he escaped capture. He rejoined the Pack when they were rescued by Coyote, but grew disillusioned with the outlaw life.

After the rest of the Pack "upgraded" themselves thanks to Xanatos Enterprises (during which Dingo acquired a robotic battle-suit), Dingo was disturbed enough by the changes in his teammates that he left them and traveled to the Australian outback. There, he tried to find his course in life with the help of the Shaman, and helped guard the test area for the Matrix for Fox and her mother Anastasia.
Dingo after his Upgrade, in his robotic battle-suit

However, his time in Australia was disrupted by the arrival of the Avalon travelers, and the rebellion of the Matrix, which intended to cover the entire planet and restructure it to perfect order. Dingo and Goliath were sent by the Shaman to the Dreamtime, where they battled the collective intelligence on a mental plane. Eventually, the two convinced the Matrix of the error of its ways, and Dingo suggested a new type of order to follow- law and order. Satisfied with this idea, the Matrix decided to work with Dingo, merging with his armor to create Australia's newest superhero.

Greg Weisman's Master Plan

Dingo, with the Matrix, would be forced (under threat of extradition to the U.S., where he was still a criminal) to join the Redemption Squad under the leadership of Robyn Canmore. A sort of romantic relationship would eventually develop between him and Robyn; their descendants, the Monmouths, would have been at odds with the descendants of John Castaway.

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