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Dire Wraith in Darkstar and the Winter Guard v1 #3.

Dire Wraiths are an alien race that feature in Marvel Comics.




The Dire Wraiths were a predatory race of extraterrestrial shapeshifters that existed in the universe. Their origins were actually traced to that of the Skrull race where as the Deviant branch developed a further strain formed into what became the Dire Wraiths. (Silver Surfer v3 #5) This deviant branch of Skrullkind were said to had practiced dire and dark magics along with arcane arts to the point that they became a threat to the rest of the species. As a result, the rest of the Skrulls engaged a war to exterminate the Dire Wraiths in their entirety and had a complete hatred of these offspring of their race. Despite their efforts, the Dire Wraiths managed to survive by using their sorcery to depart their homeworld and settle in the Dark Nebula. (Rom v1 #50) This saw them settling on a planet that came to be known as Wraithworld. (Rom v1 #27) At some point, the Kree were known to had found some Dire Wraiths and conducted genetic experiments on them to create an Inhuman branch of the race. These later departed their comrades and came to join the ranks of the Universal Inhumans that consisted of similarly genetically manipulated species which included Centaurians, Badoon and Kymellians. (Fantastic Four v1 #577)

Around two centuries ago, the Galadorian Armada during its exploration arrived near the Dark Nebula as part of their peaceful trade mission. The Dire Wraiths struck and destroyed the armada but not before the sent word of their destruction back to their homeworld. This led to Galador deciding to defend themselves as they believed they faced the dangerous threat from the Dire Wraiths. This necessitated the creation of cybernetic warriors from Galadorian volunteers that were transformed into the Spaceknights. These warriors were dispatched to battle the Dire Wraiths at the Dark Nebula where they defeated their foe but led to their enemy scattering across space. Thus, the war was not over and Spaceknights went throughout space to seek out and destroy their Dire Wraith enemies. (Rom v1 #1)

Afterwards, a group of Dire Wraiths colonized an unknown planetoid though were unaware that it was actually Ego the Living Planet. The living world had been depleted after a battle with Galactus and in order to heal himself decided to absorb anyone that landed on his surface which included these Wraiths. (Rom v1 #69)

Return from Limbo

By this point, the Dire Wraiths consisted largely of a defeated aged populace and defenseless children that were regularly used by Immortus in his various conflicts. Their kind largely desired peace except for the actions of the warmongering Volx who had hatched a plan with the Skrull Klobok. With his aid, Wraithworld was rescued by the Annihilators who used the planetoid to stabilize the Galadorian star system after the Black Sun was removed from the Dark Nebula by Klobok. The act would have consumed the native sun had Wraithworld not been merged with Galador thus bringing the Dire Wraiths back to the normal universe after their many years of banishment. However, Klobok did not desire to free the Dire Wraiths but to use them for his own ends as he sought to transform them into a new race of Skrulls by twisting their deviant genetics with which he would form his own empire to conquer space. Both Klobok and Volx were defeated as well as killed in battle with the Annihilators which left the Dire Wraiths starting a new era of peace with their former enemies of Galador. (Annihilators v1 #4)


Wraithkind were a two eyed humanoid species with a red skin and a hunched appearance normally associated with female members of the race. Their two arms contained three spatulate digits a mouth in each hand with three toes on their legs.

Dire Wraiths had the ability to disguise themselves as any living creature allowing them to hide on worlds populated by other species. (Rom v1 #1)

One noted ability amongst the race was the capacity to adopt the form and abilities of any living beings by mentally altering their body structure. Female Wraiths had a radically different body structure compared to the males and killed their victims in the process of adopting their forms.

Those of the Inhuman branch of their race were referred to as the Direst Wraiths. (Royals v1 #6)

The species were highly advanced with warp capable and were skilled in the art of bio-engineering whilst the females relied on sorcery.


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Dire Wraiths of Earth-98226.
  • The Dire Wraiths were created by Bill Mantlo and Al Milgrom where they made their first appearance in Rom v1 #1 (December, 1979).

Alternate Versions

  • On Earth-98226, the species are multi-eyed insectile beings with a black carapace and multiple legs along with a long tail. These Dire Wraiths burrow into the skull of a victim and take control of them with this parasitic control not being detectable by most means. The only trace of possession was a small scar under the hairline of a victim and it was not possible to separate the creature from the body without killing the host. In this reality, the Spaceknights hunt down these creatures but these Dire Wraiths are more effective in escaping detection. (Timeslip The Collection v1 #1)


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