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Spaceknights are a group that feature in Marvel Comics.



The Spaceknights was an organization of beings that were native to the planet Galadoria. Two hundred years ago, the people of Galador were at the peak of a golden age of peace and prosperity with the Galadorian Armada spreading the light of knowledge across the galaxy as they departed their paradise homeworld. War was unknown to them with them enjoying countless centuries of peaceful interaction with other races. This was until their traders in their exploration encountered the Dire Wraiths in their home territory at the Dark Nebula. Before their death, the armada transmitted their last moments back to Galador where the threat of the Dire Wraiths led to the Prime Director sending out the call for volunteers to defend their world. The Galadorians had never taken lives before but a number volunteered to take part in protecting their home planet. These were taken to the Hall of Science where surgeons crafted their genes to cyborg circuits leading to the volunteers losing their humanity as they became the Spaceknights that were sent forth from Galador to battle their Dire Wraith enemies. (Rom v1 #1)

Rom was the first Spaceknight to arrive on the planet Earth where he was pursuing the presence of Dire Wraiths and arrived in the town of Clairton. (Rom v1 #1)

During the Annihilation War, several Spaceknights participated in the battle against the Annihilation Wave following their invasion from the Negative Zone. This group rallied under Blastaar where they helped fight against the forces of Annihilus. (Annihilation v1 #5) In the wake of the Annihilation, Star-Lord sought to create a group of formidable warriors to prevent the rise of galactic crises. With that in mind, he invited the Galadorian Circle to take part in this endeavour and for them to send a Spaceknight to join the ranks of the Annihilators. The people of Galador were keen to do so as they wished to atone for their own failings during the Phalanx conquest. (Annihilators v1 #1)

The Builders arrived in the Golden Galaxy where the laid siege to Galador with the Spaceknights responding and offering resistance only for the planet to be destroyed by their foes. (Infinity v1 #1) A group of sell-swords formed the Disavowed of Galadoria who sold their services to others and were responsible for toppling the Despot of Monkrith. (Nova v5 #14) Though believed destroyed, Galador had survived the devastation of the Builders but was left a world of barren deserts with the ruins of the once great civilisation that inhabited it. Surviving Galadorians and Space Knights continued to operate on the surface where they set about rebuilding their world. They kept the continued existence of Galador a closely guarded secret as they simply wanted to be left alone in order to restore their homeworld. (Yondu v1 #3)


In appearance, Spaceknights were tall humanoids encased in armour that provided them a number of superhuman abilities. They were capable of flight courtesy of their rocket pods that allowed them to travel both in and outside an atmosphere allowing them to journey through space and arrive on the surface of a planet. Their armour also provided them a great deal of superhuman strength allowing them to easily halt moving vehicles. (Rom v1 #1) Their cyborg forms were a composite of flesh and armour. (Rom v1 #2)

Leadership of their order was an individual that held the title of Prime Director. (Rom v1 #1) The Prime Directorate served as a command agency for the Spaceknights. (Infinity v1 #1)

Spaceknights had a number of tools that the could summon from subspace. Among these included the energy analyser that was used to scan for Dire Wraiths in disguise with it not harming ordinary beings. Their primary weapon was a device called a neutralizer that could appear in their hands and be used to target their enemy. (Rom v1 #1) It dispatched its Wraith target into permanent exile in the dimension of limbo. (Rom v1 #2) Each Spaceknight brandished a different weapon that was attuned to their cyborg form. The armour was also equipped with a translator allowing them to communicate in the language of other races. (Rom v1 #1) Emergency upgrades could be equipped to Spaceknights that could give each member the firepower of an entire cavalry. (Infinity v1 #1) They were able to produce swords constructed from a metal that was too light to be from planets such as Earth. (Cable v4 #1)

They established the Keep that was a stronghold that guarded the forbidden Dark Nebula. (Annihilators v1 #1)


  • Rom :
  • Morn : the first of the Spaceknights and progenitor of his kind who wielded the sword Light of Galador where he pursued Dire Wraiths to Earth long ago. He landed on a living island where he slayed his quarry but was then killed by a wild beast thus leaving his sword trapped in the creatures paw. (Cable v4 #1)
  • Ikon : a female Spaceknight of the Galadorian circle who joined the Annihilators. (Annihilators v1 #1)
  • Bakin : a sell-sword who was one of the Disavowed of Galadoria. (Nova v5 #14)
  • Nujin : a sell-sword who was one of the Disavowed of Galadoria. (Nova v5 #14)
  • Klax : a sell-sword who was one of the Disavowed of Galadoria. (Nova v5 #14)
  • Tristan :


  • The Spaceknights were created by Bill Mantlo and Sal Buscema where they made their first appearance in Rom v1 #1 (December, 1979).


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