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Gamora battles the Badoon from Guardians of the Galaxy v3 #2.

The Badoon are an alien species that feature in Marvel Comics.




Silver Surfer versus the Badoon from Silver Surfer v1 #2.

The Badoon are a reptilian alien species native to the planet Swampworld that was the second planet from its sun in the Capella system. (Defenders v1 #28) It was said to be a planet so ancient that it had no name. (Silver Surfer v1 #2)They evolved on this planet many millions of years ago and were actually an ancient race that predated the likes of the Skrulls or the Kree. Despite their age, the race did not develop into technically advanced species due to a schism amongst their kind. Due to a genetic defect inherent in their kind, the Badoon genders hated one another with the males and females fighting devastating conflicts the likes of which that were not seen on Earth. This ongoing war between the sexes made progress impossible as a madness fell upon the genders during the time to propagate their species. Mating between the sexes was done so by force with a stalemate between male and females. However, though the females were stronger, they lacked the cunning of the males who managed to successfully enslave them. By segregating the females, the male Badoon used them only for propagation whilst they engaged in technological innovation. This allowed them to reach technological maturity on a cosmic scale in more recent years where in the span of a few thousand solar cycles they progressed from spears to starships. With space travel achieved, the males commenced the ultimate act of gender segregation by abandoning their homeworld for another planet whilst leaving the females behind. Thus, the females inherited the homeworld where they became known as the Sisterhood of Badoon whilst the males established themselves as the Brotherhood of Badoon on another planet. In this time, the Sisterhood established the city of Venesia on their homeworld but despite being free they faced the continued madness suffered during the time of propagation. Thus, once every sun cycle, the male Badoon used giant space arks to return to Swampworld where they brought those of their kind afflicted with the mating madness. Once the mating was complete, the males remained behind only to code and collect the eggs spawned from their union which were taken to their homeworld. Afterwards, the eggs were hatched through incubators thus leading the Brotherhood of Badoon forcibly taking the responsibility of childbirth. Those female children born from the eggs, however, were returned to Swampworld where they were allowed to join the Sisterhood as the males did not hold the desire or inclination to raise them. Thus, they were also responsible for adding to the ranks of the females and perpetuating their number. (Defenders v1 #28) It was known that the Kree had performed genetic experimentation on some of the Badoon thus creating a branch of Inhumans among their kind who joined the ranks of the Universal Inhumans. (Fantastic Four v1 #577)

This remained the system in place for both genders with the males forging an empire that sought to plunder the galaxy and wantonly destroyed entire civilizations that threatened them. Unknown to the Brotherhood, their female counterparts had also developed advanced technology since the segregation of their genders but kept this fact a secret in order to maintian a peace. Thus, whilst the males conquered, the female Badoon were more peaceful and isolationists that remained on Swampworld in order to remain undisturbed but ignorant of the actions done by the Brotherhood. (Defenders v1 #28) According to one account, Badoon assassins were sent to Earth in order to murder Meredith Quill and her son Peter Quill so that all trace of the Spartoi royal bloodline would be eliminated. (Marvel NOW! Point One v1 #1) Years ago, the Brother Royal was visited by the time traveller Immortus and as counsel he convinced the leader of the Brotherhood that the inhabitants of the planet Earth was a threat to him. (Avengers v1 #10) The Badoon name was spoken with fear and nameless dread among the inhabitants of the universe. A survey vessel of the Brotherhood arrived on Earth in order to prepare it for invasion. In order to aid their efforts, they abducted a human woman so that they could learn mankind's language. Upon arriving on Earth, they masqueraded as a benevolent people seeking to benefit humanity with their advanced technology when they confronted the Silver Surfer. (Silver Surfer v1 #2) Under the Brother Royal, the Badoon returned in secret to Earth when they discovered that a unique oil controlled by the Atlanteans had a nourishing effect on the Badoon eggs. Thus, they sought to acquire it and formed an alliance with Prince Byrrah who was attempting to take control of Atlantis from his cousin Namor. The Badoon later turned against their Atlantean allies when their operation was under threat and in the battle the oil was destroyed. Despite this defeat, the Brotherhood o the Badoon vowed to return and their intention to conquer Earth. (Sub-Mariner v1 #51)

Modern Age

Within the past decade, the Badoon were said to had begun a rapid expansion across space. (FF v1 #20) The Kree sought out an alliance with the Badoon so that the pair could join forces against the Skrulls. This was during a time when the Skrulls had lost their shapeshifting abilities with the Brotherhood of the Badoon planning to even turn against the Kree in the future. With their cloaked forces, they ambushed their foes leading to a battle between the two sides. (Silver Surfer v3 #27) Traitors within the Shi'ar provided the Badoon a Stargate which they intended to use as a means of conquering Earth. They determined that the easiest approach to do so was through another world located in an extradimensional realm. Thus, the Brotherhood of the Badoon attacked the extradimensional planet of Polemachus. This was achieved through a giant trans-dimensional Stargate allowing them to gain a foothold on that planet which they intended to late ruse for an invasion of Earth whereupon the traitors in the Shi’ar empire intended to launch a coup against Empress Lilandra Neramani. They were able to invade and conquer Polemachus along with its populace though a meagre resistance was formed by warriors loyal to the captive Arkon where they tried to free their planet. (Uncanny X-Men Annual v1 #5) Under the orders of the Badoon Directorate, the Brother Royal came to secretly ally themselves with the Imperiatrix and her Brood hive. Disguising themselves as the Coterie, they came to Earth where they orchestrated a Contest of Champions seemingly with the goal of finding the planet’s mightiest warriors. In reality, the Contest was a means of both races to get revenge for their various defeats at the hands mankind’s superheroes. They made use of nanites to force the superheroes to battle with one another and took the defeated with the intention of using them as hosts for the Brood. (Contest of Champions II v1 #1) Years ago, the New Warriors were needed to had defeated and foil a Badoon invasion of Earth. (Avengers: The Initiative v1 #10) During the Annihilation War, the Annihilation Wave attacked the positive-matter universe from their home dimension in the Negative Zone. In this time, it was noted that the Badoon did not get involved in the galactic conflict with them instead simply fortifying their position. (Annihilation v1 #1)

During the War of Kings, the Badoon struck at the Benthus Colony in the Callisto Sector where deployed war factories that began creating Zom slaves soldiers for testing. They were opposed by the Guardians of the Galaxy where a time displaced Major Victory recognised their actions from his own timeline and warned Rocket Raccoon that in time they would conquer the known galaxy. After facing opposition, the aliens deployed the Monster of Badoon against the Guardians to properly respond to their assault. (Guardians of the Galaxy v2 #7) With their forces defeated, the Badoon angrily demanded why their live weapon testing was disrupted to which the Guardians of the Galaxy warned the reptilian species to depart which they did so without saying another word. However, Major Victory had his reservations and believed that it was a matter of decades before the Badoon returned. (Guardians of the Galaxy v2 #8) Sometime afterwards, the reborn Thanos had acquired a Cosmic Cube and was preparing to use it. To prevent the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy attacking him, he forged an alliance with the Badoon and promised them great power in return for their services. (Avengers Assemble v2 #6)

The Recorder #451 was noted to had encountered a ship of Badoon and convinced them to commit mass suicide. (Iron Man v5 #9) After Thanos's disappearance following the Builder crisis, Gamora and Angela travelled to Moord in order to uncover whereabouts of the Mad Titan. (Guardians of the Galaxy v3 #10) The Mad Titan would later arrive at Moord where he battled the Badoon and devastated their holy site in order to recover one of their relics that had great cosmic significance. (Thanos: The Infinity Revelation v1 #1) The devastation to the Skrull and Kree empires left a power vacuum that the Badoon intended to fill after defeating the other rival empires. (Guardians of the Galaxy v4 #9) Cammi had run a three month long con at a Badoon spice job. (Avengers Arena v1 #8)

At some point, the Asgardian named Angela was captured by the Badoon who kept her detained at their correctional facility on the planet Xalda-Volta. Drax and Gamora arrived on that world in order to free their comrade from the Brotherhood of the Badoon. (Guardians of the Galaxy v4 #9)

31st century

In 3007, the Badoon emerged where the Brotherhood assaulted mankind where they conquered their colonies and their homeworld whereupon humanity were turned into slaves. (Defenders v1 #26)


The Defenders versus the Sisterhood of the Badoon from Defenders v1 #27.

As a species, they had evolved from reptilian ancestors. (Thanos: The Infinity Revelation) Badoon possessed an inner eyelid whose twitching as a sign of body language that could be used to discern their thoughts. (Avengers Arena v1 #8) It was shown that Badoon tended to be quite durable with them being stunned by energy blasts that would normally kill an ordinary Skrull. (She-Hulk v2 #25) They were noted to be a species that reproduce by laying eggs. Atlantean oil had a unique chemistry that was nourishing to Badoon eggs. (Sub-Mariner v1 #51) Female Badoon were noted to not only be tougher but stronger than the males. However, they lacked the cunning or slyness seen within male Badoon. Regardless, both were afflicted with a madness inherent in their biology and caused by an inborn defect. This led to both genders experiencing a madness during the time of mating where the two genders propagated only by force. These events were noted to impact males or females once in their lifespan but left them in a near mindless berserker state. (Defenders v1 #28) An Inhuman branch of the Badoon were created with these being referred to as the Fifth Caste. (Royals v1 #6)

Select members of the Brotherhood were royals by birth and had elevated station's within their society. (Silver Surfer v1 #2) The Brotherhood did not have any Princesses born as they were typically smothered any of the hatchlings. (Gamora v1 #3)

They were referred to be a patient race but whose patience had its limits. (Sub-Mariner v1 #51) It was noted that their kind were hoarders who looked to gather objects that they stored in vaults. (Gamora v1 #1) They had a dim view of mammals with them believing that they should not fight such foes but rather slaughter them. (Uncanny X-Men Annual v1 #5) Male Badoon enjoyed the taking of captives and hunting their victims where they delighted in the fear they experienced. They saw such activities as a sport and enjoyed foes that afforded them a challenge during a hunt. (Silver Surfer v1 #2) The Brotherhood of Badoon were noted for being slave traders that enslaved lesser evolved civilizations and put them to work for their own barbaric needs. Management and security over the slaves was done so by the slave trade council. (Guardians of the Galaxy v3 #10)

A form of martial arts used by their species had a move known as the Badoon Spine-Buster that was a powerful blow on the back to badly injure an opponent. (She-Hulk v1 #1) Though a martial people, they also had religion and had holy sites on their homeworld that were managed by priests. Among their most holiest of relics was Kilzarra. (Thanos: The Infinity Revelation) One of their deities was Voord Bloodeye who was the god of beheadings though this deity was actually missing among the cosmic pantheons. (Thor: God of Thunder v1 #3) Their form of currency was noted to be called the Kreull. (Guardians of the Galaxy v1 #26)

Badoon Hunters were held as being the fiercest warriors in all of creation who had a reputation for being good trackers that used their aura of invisibility to hide their movements. They were often arranged into hunter cadres that were dispatched to eliminate threats. (Uncanny X-Men Annual v1 #5)

It was said that the Badoon civilization was a Type II civilization. (FF v1 #20) Badoon made war-tech was noted for being simple and never rusted with synaptic disruptor charges being one weapon in their arsenal. (Guardians of the Galaxy v2 #5) One piece of technology allowed them to generate a telepathy ray which allowed them to learn aspects such as language from a subject. Cloaking technology was a specialty among the Badoon who used it to turn themselves invisible that allowed them to walk on world's occupied by other races without attracting attention. On a planet's surface, they tended to use flying discs that defied gravity and floated over the landscape. They could also arm themselves with a basic weapon which fired an electric blast that could induce symptoms like a heart attack in victims. Badoon made use of molecular displacement rays to transport objects instantly from one site to another. (Silver Surfer v1 #2)

Among the creatures they used were Badoon brain slugs that were noted to be very dangerous. (X-Men: Schism v1 #2) They also made use of servitors called Zoms who were once living thinking beings until their minds were destroyed by Badoon psycho-surgery. This turned them into obedient living machines that were programmed to fulfil a function. The portion of their brains that felt pain was deadened allowing them to attack and ignore injuries to their bodies. Thus, they could be harmed but not hurt and the same process also meant that they could not be rendered unconscious. (Marvel Two-in-One v1 #4) Zom slave troops were the flesh of the slain that were re-engineered into being implements of war. Their minds were extinct except for the primitive most atavistic parts of their brain stems which were agitated into action by their masters. (Guardians of the Galaxy v2 #7) Another of their weapon of weapons was the Monster of Badoon that was a large bipedal creature with cybernetic components such as a mechanical jaw. The beast was capable of thought and could emit lethal rays from its hands with it being incredibly strong and powerful. (Silver Surfer v1 #2) Monsters were deemed as being super heavyweight battlefield bio-constructs. (Guardians of the Galaxy v2 #7)

Badoon vessels were able to travel across space and had engines that generated the power equivalent of an exploding sta. They were able to cloak their vessels thus rendering them invisible which allowed them to spy and observe others. (Silver Surfer v1 #2) As a result, they were reported to hold good stealth technology for their cruisers. (Iron Man v5 #9) Their mobile war factories allowed them to deploy Zom slave soldiers en mass. (Guardians of the Galaxy v2 #7)

Their empire resided in the Milky Way galaxy where they controlled 37.7% of it though were regarded as a minor faction. The warmongering race were extremely hostile and noted to be trusted with only matters concerning their survival did they interact with other species. (Annihilation: Prologue v1 #1)


  • Brother Royal :
  • Tolaria : a female Badoon who was the queen of the Sisterhood of the Badoon. (Defenders v1 #28)
  • Kodor : a male Badoon who was a licensed bounty hunter that attempted to apprehend the Froma murderer named Cazon. (She-Hulk v2 #26)
  • Terces : a high ranking male leader in the Brotherhood of the Badoon who was informed that their ally Thanos had been defeated and after hearing of their loses he vowed to get revenge against Earth and its superheroes. (Avengers Assemble v2 #8)
  • Manat :
  • Marud : (Guardians of the Galaxy v4 #9)
  • Joonvit : a Monster of the Badoon who came to serve as part of Nebula’s pirate crew until he was killed by Nova Richard Rider. (Nova v3 #1)
  • Aladi Ko Eke : female Badoon Queen of the Universal Inhumans that was part of the ruling Moord council. (Fantastic Four v1 #577)


  • The Badoon were created by Stan Lee and John Buscema where they made their first appearance in Silver Surfer v1 #2 (October, 1968).
  • Sometimes, they have been referred to as Baddoon.
  • During Brian Michael Bendis's run on Guardians of the Galaxy, he commented about the Badoon that: “They’re not religious or pious like the Skrulls but in some ways they’re a little scarier. They’re so warrior-like and so involved in war all the time, it’s almost like a barbaric situation. It’s crazy.”

Alternate Versions

  • In Guardians of the Galaxy v2 #16 (2009), the Badoon were shown in a possible alternate future timeline known as Earth-669116. They were believed to had acquired the last Cosmic Cube during a time when the Fault had expanded across known space leading to the gradual destruction of the entire universe. With its power, they enslaved the last Celestials and chained them around Earth's Sun to create the Celestial Engine which was used to create a bubble of reality to allow them to survive the destruction of the universe.
  • In Savage She-Hulk v2 #3 (2009), the Badoon were shown to had inhabited an unknown alternate reality in the Multiverse. This element of the Super-Spectrum was noted to had Badoon with six unique genders that were engaged in a Gendercide Class IV. The crew of the Kree gestalt cruiser The Marvel including ensign Noh-Varr came upon this reality where the last (fe)male killed the last male(fem) that let out victory cheers alongside their death rattles.
  • In the 100th Anniversary Special - Avengers v1 #1 (2017), its shown that in one future a hundred years later that the Badoon went through a brutal Seventh Gender War where they reformed as a much stronger empire expanded across the galactic spiral that included the conquest of Nu-Skrullos which was picked clean. They would later invade Earth but were defeated by the Avengers along with Dr. Franklin Richards who was the Herald of Galactus but before departing they unleashed a terror weapon that shunted North America into the Negative Zone littered the atmosphere with Bio-Spores to poison the environment whilst they departed in order to recover from their losses.

In other media


  • In Avengers Assemble, the Badoon do not make an appearance in the animated television series but were referenced in the episode "Hulk's Day Out" where a creature known as the Badoon Cylek was present that fought the Avengers on the Blue Area on the Moon.

Video games

  • In Marvel Heroes, a Badoon Soldier's "The Basic Weapon" appeared as an item available in the MMORPG video game. They were mentioned as being a reptilian race older than the Kree and Skrulls with the item being a hand-held particle gun.


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