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Dominus in Superman v2 #139.

Dominus is a male comic supervillain that features in DC Comics.



Tuoni was an alien priest from a distant world who was one of the five custodians of his planet's faith. In this time, he fell in love with one of his peers which was the priestess Ahti. However, she came to ascend past him and assumed the mantle of Kismet, the Illuminator of All Realities leading to Touni coming to resent and be jealous of her. This led to him studying forbidden infernal magic as he sought to challenge his former lover and steal her power. During the attempt, Kismet's divine power managed to reflect the assault and it incinerated his body but the Illuminator decided to show mercy to him. This resulted in Touni's shattered but still living body being shunted into the Phantom Zone. Whilst in that dimension, he encountered a holographic projection of the Kryptonian Kem-L with the pair in communion with one another. Kem-L decided to help Touni by using ancient arcane science on Krypton to rebuild the fallen priest's body into a psionic and cosmic phantasm that came to be known as Dominus. In his new form, Dominus managed to escape the Phantom Zone through the Fortress of Solitude whereupon he attacked Earth as part of his attempt to find Kismet and once again seek to steal her great cosmic power. This resulted in the villain being opposed by Superman with the former priest swearing his revenge against the Man of Steel. Dominus then used telepathy in order to enter Superman's mind and preyed on his greatest weakness namely his fear of failing the people of Earth. Thus, he used mind control to convince Superman to take over the planet whereupon he created an army of Superman Robots to turn the Earth into a totalitarian state under his control that was policed constantly. Upon taking control, Dominus then used his reality alteration abilities to take the place of Superman whilst displacing the Man of Steel into one of the Superman Robots. With the Superman Robots under his control, he dispatched them to find and capture Kismet for him. Superman was freed when he used the Torquasm Vo warrior discipline technique to control his perception of reality allowing him to engage in a mental battle with Dominus leading to the villains eventual banishment back to the Phantom Zone.


Personality and attributes

Powers and abilities

Dominus uses his "Continuum Control" to alter reality, and "Control" to make people unaware that the change occurred. He can actually create more than one simultaneous reality, each one attacking a specific character's mental attributes. Dominus' realities were also inspired by other times in Superman's publishing history (1940s, 1960s and 1970s) and the "The Superman of 2965-2966" story involving Muto.


  • Dominus was created by Stuart Immonen where he made his first appearance in Action Comics v1 #747 (August, 1998).
  • In DC Treasury Special, the Pre-Crisis Lex Luthor once took on the identity of a red-armored villain named Dominus as part of an elaborate plot against Superman.


  • Action Comics:

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