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Donald "Red" Grant.

Donald "Red" Grant was an escape patient from a lunatic asylum in Ireland who found a home with SPECTRE. He was trained by Morzeny at SPECTRE Island to be a ruthless and coldblooded assassin, and his favorite means of dispatching his victims was using piano wire concealed in his wristwatch. He was chosen by Rosa Klebb as SPECTRE's instrument of vengeance in the death of Dr. No, training by hunting and killing other SPECTRE agents dressed as James Bond.

Eventually he went to Istanbul and sowed discord between the Russian Consulate and the local secret service, headed by Kerim Bey, and even posed as a British agent, Captain Nash, set to meet with Bond (having killed the real Nash) in order to board the Orient Express. There, after killing both Bey and a Soviet agent named Benz, Grant revealed his true intentions and attempted to kill Bond and steal the Lektor. After a struggle, Bond strangled Grant to death with his own piano wire watch.

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