Kerim Bey

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Kerim Bey.

Kerim Bey was the chief of Intelligence in Instanbul, who assisted James Bond in his efforts to steal the Lektor from the Soviets there, neither of them suspecting they were pawns in a plot by SPECTRE. Bey was a very intelligent and resourceful man. He had many sons, and to eliminate even the slightest possibility of betrayal, he had his sons work for him and no one else.

After Bond stole the Lektor, he and Bey boarded the Orient Express along with Tatiana Romanova, planning to meet up with with one of Bey's sons. They were followed by a Soviet agent named Benz. Bey and Bond subdued Benz, and Bey was left to guard him until they reached their destination. Not long afterwards, both Bey and Benz were murdered by SPECTRE assassin Donald Grant, who staged their deaths to make it seem as though they'd killed one another, although Bond was suspicious.

Upon arriving at their destination, Bond mournfully gave Kerim's son his father's wristwatch and wallet and other personal belongings. He later avenged his death by killing Grant.

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