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Dukat is a male extraterrestrial television character that features in Star Trek.



He commanded a warship back to the station that was renamed by the Federation as Deep Space 9. Once there, he met with its Starfleet commander who was Captain Benjamin Sisko where he expressed the view that the Cardassians would keep a watch over the station and the activities on Bajor. During this time, they discovered the Starfleet presence in the system had discovered the existence of the Bajoran Wormhole. Upon learning of the finding, Dukat attempted to lay a claim to the phenomena for the Cardassian Union where he took his warship through the wormhole. However, his vessel was disabled as it crossed over and became stranded in the Gamma Quadrant as the wormhole was closed by the entities within it. In response to Dukat's disappearance, 3 vessels from the Cardassian 4th Order were dispatched under the command of Gul Jasad to investigate the loss of their warship bringing them into a state of hostility with Deep Space 9 as they believed the crew had destroyed their ship. Captain Sisko managed to convince the Prophets to reopen the wormhole whereupon he recovered Dukat's warship thus ending the threat from the Cardassians. (DS9: Emissary)


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  • Dukat was portrayed by actor Marc Alaimo.


  • Star Trek: Deep Space 9:

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