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Elsa Bloodstone is a female comic superhero that features in Marvel Comics.



Elsa Bloodstone was the daughter of Ulysses Bloodstone and his wife Elise Bloodstone. (Bloodstone v1 #1) She had a younger brother by the name of Cullen Bloodstone. (Avengers Arena v1 #2)

She received a call for aid at New York's Chinatown where she joined the Defenders that had uncovered a Brood breeding operation being conducted by Zheng Bao Yu. Bao Yu was the daughter of the infamous Zheng Zu and had revived one of her fathers experiments that involved genetically mutated Brood. Bloodstone and her allies battled the creatures where they were aided by No-Name of the Brood who sought to end what she believed was a mockery of her kind. When Bao Yu departed, Elsa joined the new Defenders in helping hunt down the threats that spawned by the awakening of the Doom Maidens. (Fearless Defenders v1 #8)

When she was young, she was noted to had slain Gibborim Marauders. (Monsters Unleashed v3 #6)


Personality and attributes

Powers and abilities

She had in her possession an amulet that was able to open portals known as Mordred's Causeway that could take her anywhere she wanted to go. (Monsters Unleashed v3 #4)

As a beneficiary of her fathers estate, she inherited his wealth and his property that was the Bloodstone House that contained numerous artifacts that were part of his collection. (Bloodstone v1 #1)


  • Elsa Bloodstone was created by Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning and Michael Lopez where she made her first appearance in Bloodstone v1 #1 (December, 2001).
  • During her first appearance, Elsa was shown as a blonde haired feisty 18 year old.

Alternate Versions

In other media

Video games

  • In Marvel: Future Fight, Elsa Bloodstone appeared as a playable character in the mobile game.
  • In Marvel: Avengers Alliance, Elsa Bloodstone appeared as a playable character in the mobile game.
  • In Marvel Avengers Academy, Elsa Bloodstone appeared as a playable character in the mobile game.
  • In Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order, Elsa Bloodstone appeared in the setting of the Switch video game where she was voiced by actor Kari Wahlgren. She was in London when portals suddenly formed sending an army of Mindless Ones into the city with Elsa attempting to battle them in their native dimension. Bloodstone was within the Dark Dimension battling the hordes when she rendezvoused with a group of heroes looking to stop the crisis that was instigated by Dormammu using the Reality Stone.


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