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Ulysses Bloodstone is a male comic superhero that features in Marvel Comics.



Ulysses Bloodstone

Around 10,000 years ago, he roamed the areas of what became Northern Europe though he only knew them as land back then. In this time, he had great ambition to become a famed hunter and live to the ripe old age of 50. During this time, he crossed paths with Ulluxy'll Kwan Tae Syn who was the guardian of the Bloodstone. The sly Syn offered the gem to the young warrior that could give him the power of a god amongst mortals. Ulysses agreed with him given great strength and at the suggestion of Syn he returned to his tribe to share this gift but this was a trap as the Bloodstone's rays instead killed his comrades. He attempted to stop it but it was too late as it exploded sending shards scattered across the horizon with some embedded in his chest. When he awoke, his tribe were all slain with Syn having vanished and Ulysses now bearing the power of the Bloodstone that made him nearly immortal though he sought the guardian of the gem to get his revenge as all he had cared about had been killed by his scheme. (Marvel Universe v1 #7)

Sometime after 1898, he came to hear talk of a brilliant German inventor named Robert Hellsgaard whose town had been transformed into werewolves that included his own family forcing him to kill them all. They all transformed back to normal and when the authorities arrived they came to believe Hellsgaard had gone insane with him going on a murder spree. Despite his pleas, they refused to believe him and had him locked away which was when Bloodstone came to free him. He felt the mad genius would want revenge against creatures of the supernatural and his talents as an inventor would make him an invaluable partner. Thus, Hellsgaard came to work alongside Ulysses Bloodstone as they battled against threats from the supernatural world. Bloodstone provided Robert a home from his castle but Ulysses came to note that no matter how many monsters was killed it never sated Hellsgaard who became determined to eliminate them all. He eventually constructed a suit of armor that contained numerous in-built weapons to help in the fight. With Bloodstone's help, Hellsgaard discovered a demon dimension known as Limbo which was where they intended to discard the bodies of slain monsters. However, their plan was discovered by Dracula who attacked to stop it. During the fight, Dracula damaged Hellsgaard's suit causing coolant to burn his face and threw the inventor into the portal he had created leading to him being stranded for seventy years in that realm. (Punisher v8 #14)

In 1933, he came upon a man name Fat Cobra who proved to be a martial artist and served as his sidekick. Together, the pair went on numerous adventures around the world. (Immortal Weapons v1 #1) In 1934, Bloodstone was a member of the mysterious Covenant who operated in secret in the world and whose members included; Vanessa Baker, Jefferson Chambers, Wyatt Crowley, Murderous Lion and The Menace. They call on Logan to find and eliminate the threat posed by the Dreaming Maiden in that air and though he seemingly accomplished his goal he actually hid her from the Covenant. (Wolverine v2 #314) By 1942, he gathered with the other members of the Covenant in informing Namor the danger of the Thule Society who were looking to recover the Lemurian relic known as The Kraken that was a mask that gave the wearer great destructive power. They also intended to invite the Sub-Mariner to join their ranks as they offered him a seat but he refused. (Captain America and Namor v1 #635.1) At some point, he came to know of the existence of Natalya Maximoff who was a magic user known as the Scarlet Witch. (Scarlet Witch v2 #4) In 1959, Bloodstone was in Boston, Massachusetts where he encountered Ernst Sablinova who had operated as the Silver Sable with the two being recruited by Nick Fury for his black-ops Avengers initiative. Among his fellow team members included Dominic Fortune, Sabretooth, Kraven the Hunter and Namora. (New Avengers v2 #10) Their first assignment as a team involved tracking down the Red Skull who had formed a new Fourth Reich with him being in Sweden. (New Avengers v2 #11) Years later, Ulysses was in the jungles of Africa where he helped stop the giant telepathic ant monster known as Grottu and followed the creature to the Wakandian mountains. During the journey, he was attacked by living tyrannosaurus rex's where he was aided by the arrival of Zawadi a female warrior of the Wakanda's where they determined that Grottu came from underground. He along with Zawadi were then invited to the Explorer's Club by agent Jake Curtiss of the NSA following numerous monster sightings in the world. They were joined by Doctor Druid where the four formed a team known as the Monster Hunters in order to find the source of these monster disturbances. (Marvel Universe v1 #4)


Personality and attributes

He had lost track on the lives he had lived over the centuries and they names he had used for himself. In his long life, there were times that he wished to die but the power of the Bloodstone kept him alive. He had, however, never stopped hunting monsters nor his search to find Syn. (Marvel Universe v1 #7)

Powers and abilities

The power of the gem had made him stronger, bigger and virtually immortal. Initial exposure to it gave him the strength to wrestle a mammoth to the ground. In the centuries, he had lost limbs only for them to grow back with the power of the Bloodstone. (Marvel Universe v1 #7)

Over the millennia, he had learnt to use a great many types of weapons. (Marvel Universe v1 #7)


  • Ulysses Bloodstone was created by by Len Wein, Marv Wolfman and John Warner where he made his first appearance in Marvel Presents v1 #1 (October, 1975).

Alternate Versions

  • In Iron Man: Viva Las Vegas v1 (2008), an alternate version of Ulysses Bloodstone was shown in a universe that was designated as Earth-80734. On this world, he was a famous tomb raider who had a daughter named Elsa Bloodstone and had worked with Howard Stark with the two respecting one another. He died at some point with his daughter Elsa continuing his work as a tomb raider.


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