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The Enclave is an organization that features in Marvel Comics.



The Enclave

Its origins were traced to an event earlier group known as the Scientist Guild whose existence went back centuries to even Arthurian times. Long ago, their forebears were responsible for delving into the occult with them using their powers to create the Eternity Mask that was weaved from the living cosmos itself. The relic gave the bearer incredible power that matched their foe and had used it to empower people across the years. Among these included the Thunderer during World War II. By 1958, the Guild's experiments proved largely unsuccessful as they failed to use the mask on themselves. Dr. Hamilton believed that it was because they wished to rule the world but Dr. Zota believed that they were saving it. However. Dr. Shinski reasoned that the only way to control the planet was by creating a race of perfect beings. They then decided to end the existence of the Scientists Guild and reformed themselves as the Enclave. (Marvel Comics v1 #1000)

Dr. Theodore Goodrich created a new incarnation of the Enclave where he sought to succeed where they failed in creating a new generation of enhanced humans. This saw him looking to study the creation of new Inhumans that emerged following the Terrigen Mists spread around the world after Thanos's attack on the planet. They came to find a test subject for their experiments in newly awakened Terrigen-Changeling Randall Jessup. (Indestructible Hulk v1 #19) Jessup was taken back to the Beehive for study but the Hulk went in pursuit as Randall was one of Bruce Banner's team of scientists. The attack resulted in Jessup's own transformation into his Inhuman form with the two monsters then destroying the unstable power source of the facility which threatened to explode and destroy a large part of the Earth. In desperation. Dr. Goodrich and his assistant Dr. Webb looked to use a captured Terrigen cocoon in an effort to upgrade themselves to salvage their research but the entity within killed the pair and dragged their bodies into its confines. Afterwards, the Beehive was seemingly destroyed in the resultant chaos that occurred with the threat of the new Enclave ending. (Indestructible Hulk v1 #20)



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  • The Enclave was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby where they made their first appearance in Fantastic Four v1 #66 (September, 1967).
  • In 2005, Greg Pak commented on his Warlock series that:
In 'Fantastic Four' #66, a group of mad scientists known as the Enclave created a 'perfect' human being as the first step in their plan to conquer the human race and usher in a utopian dictatorship. The entity they created destroyed their facilities and escaped, ultimately becoming the hero we all know and love as Adam Warlock. In the new Warlock series, the Enclave is trying again, deep in the jungles of the war-torn South American country Costa Perdita -- and this time they don't plan to lose control of their creation.

In other media

Video games

  • In The Incredible Hulk, the Enclave served as antagonists in the video-game tie-in for the movie. They were a secret organization that conducted various experiments with their technology being tested in the Manhattan area. This group operated publicly in the guise of a front company known as the Paragon Corporation to hide their activities. The Enclave were created by four scientists with each having their own specialty as well as being in charge of a faction that had their own army. These factions were; Ceres, Minerva, Vulcan and Jupiter. Among their creations were genetically mutated warriors known as Barbaria that were created by genetic splicing on their own soldiers that created enhanced but unstable warriors.


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