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Envy the Jealous.

Envy is a male villain that features in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.



Envy's true form.

Envy the Jealous was a Homunculi that was an artificial being created from one of the emotional traits of Father. He was crafted with the core of a Philosopher's Stone. The sacrifice of the inhabitants of Xerxes waa used to create a Philosopher's Stone that served as the core of Envy. As such, he was created after the fall of that nation and when Father gained a human form for himself. He sought to achieve his own mysterious goals and crafted numerous homunculi that were shed from his own personality with each being based on the Seven Deadly Sins of Man. These homunculi were Pride, Greed, Lust, Gluttony, Sloth and Wrath. Under Father's rule, he established the nation of Amestris where he secretly ruled from Central and waited for the culmination of his plans. The homunculi operated as his agents and sought the completion of his objectives. Years ago, in the guise of an Amestrian soldier, Envy journeyed to Ishval where he triggered hostilities by shooting an Ishvalan girl.

With Mustang calmed down, the weak Envy attempt create hostilities among the various parties by highlighting their various grievances against one another. This included the fact that Scar and Colonel Mustang were enemies, that Scar killed Winry's parents and that the Amestrians had destroyed Scar's home of Ishval. It a then that Edward Elric came to a conclusion about Envy namely that despite his claims of homunculi being superior he was actually jealous of humans. The Fullmetal Alchemist stated that Envy was jealous of the fact that no matter how much harm was done to humans they always managed to stand up again. This led to Envy being angry and he bit Edward's hand to let him go as he crawled to a short distance. A tearful Envy lamented at how pathetic he had become to be defeated by humans. However, he noted that the biggest insult to him was that Edward Elric had managed to see his true nature namely that he was indeed jealous of humans. As a result, Envy decided to no longer continue living and forced the Philosopher's Stone from his body thus killing himself. In his final moments, he said goodbye to Edward Elric calling him by his actual name just as his body disappeared into dust.


Personality and attributes

One of the Homunculi.

In appearance, he resembled a young male human with long stands of black hair. As a shapeshifter, he could adopt a variety of forms and during combat he changed into a monstrous multilegged dragon-like creature to fight his enemies. Despite these forms, his actual appearance was that of a diminutive green multilimbed leech like creature with a wide maw and a single eye that cold fit in the paw of the hand.

It was stated that Envy took much delight in his cruelty. Envy enjoyed taking revenge against those that defied him such as threatening the village sheltering Dr. Markoh then reconsidering as he instead decided to take them to Central to be used for experiments. He was shown that he had a highly manipulative personality such as convincing May Chang to help her friends against Central rather than go to safety in her own country. This was do he coukd return to Father and reclaim a body for himself where he would take revenge on his captors, in the case of May Chang, Envy stated that he would place her in a cage like how he was placed when he lost his body. Similarly, he told the Chimera that he owed them some pain and misery for what they did to him. He also enjoyed attempting to inflict hostilities between parties by noting the animosities between them.


He stated that humans loved to watch other people suffer whilst making fools of themselves with him commenting that this was a reason why they were constantly at war with each other. Envy found human empathy to be moronic and that this made him stick to his stomach as he saw humans as being pathetic works. Envy stated that he had respect for Colonel Mustangs tireless pursuit for vengeance for the death of his friend and thus was willing to engage the Flame Alchemist in combat. One tactic he employed was taking the form of friend and loved ones to shock his foes to prevent them from striking him. In combat, he sometimes made use of the environment such as by smashing rocks towards his enemies.

Envy did not like it when someone called him ugly and commentated that he was a hideous freak. After Dr. Markoh destroyed his body, the angry Envy told the Chimera not to dare look at him. He hated it when ever saw his true form due to its ugly appearance. It was stated this stemmed from the fact that his name meant jealousy which was an ugly thing. In reality, he was actually jealous of humans as he believed Homunculi were superior yet mankind managed to grow better. Thus, he was actually envious of humans. When confronted with this fact, he rejected this humiliation and being in a pathetic to be trampled on human beings that were useless beings. This led to Envy falling to tears at Edward Elric seeing his true nature and killing himself.

Powers and abilities

Envy's monstrous form.

As a Homunculi, Envy despite his appearance was not an ordinary human being but rather an artificial one created with a Philosopher's Stone. This provided him a range of abilities such as eternal youth and the capacity to regenerate from nearly any wound. One unique trait that was specific to Envy was his ability to shapeshift allowing him to take any form. He could extend his limbs in order to snatch targets at a distance. Envy was able to turn these limbs into long tendrils and stretch them into the ground in order to ambush his foe.

Despite his human appearance, it was noted that the impact of his falls indicated the weight of a being much larger than a human being. In fact, he was able to transform into a giant multi-limbed dragon-like creature. Envy stated that he was not able to tread lightly in this form. He sometimes used his giant tongue that he extended from his mouth to snatch his prey.

In his true form, Envy was much weaker but not entirely helpless. His diminutive form had the capacity to operate as a parasite and by attaching himself to a host he could control their bodies. Though his body was destroyed, he was capable of restoring himself with the aid of a Philosopher's Stone. When taken to Central, he showed the ability to possess a Mannequin Soldier body that had consumed him and he used it to absorb the forms of various other soldiers of these artificial soldiers from the immortal legion. These all meshed together into a single form that allowed Envy to restore his body once more. He was able to absorb the bodies of artificial creatures with Philosophers Stones where he added them into his own form.


  • He was named after one of the Seven Deadly Sins.
  • This version of Envy followed the backstory from the Manga with the earlier 2003 anime version holding a different background. This Envy was the son of Hohenheim and his lover Dante but he died leading to his parents attempting to resurrect him through human transmutation. This caused Envy to become a Homunculi and he resented his father for his actions as well as abandoning him. Envy would work with his mother Dante in achieving her goals but desired revenge against Hohenheim and his other sons Edward and Alphonse Elric. This version of Envy could only change his appearance and lacked the capacity to change into a giant monstrous form.


  • Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood:

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