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Gluttony the Voracious.

Gluttony is an anime character that features in Fullmetal Alchemist.



Gluttony the Voracious was one of the homunculi that were artificial beings that were created with a core of a Philosopher's Stone and were aspects of Father's personality. They were crafted by Father sometime after the destruction of the nation of Xerxes long ago and he had acquired a human form. He sought to achieve his own mysterious goals and crafted numerous homunculi that were shed from his own personality with each being based on the Seven Deadly Sins of Man. These homunculi were Pride, Envy, Greed, Lust, Sloth and Wrath. Gluttony's own origin was part of an experiment in creating a Gate of Truth with this ultimately being a failure. Upon Gluttony's creation, he operated as an agent of Father and worked alongside Lust in the completion of his goals.

After recovering, he made his way past the woods into the opening where Pride was and commented on whether he had seen the bright light. In that moment, their foes threw some flash bombs that dissipated Pride's shadows and left the two Homunculi in a stand off. Gluttony commented that he had tried to devour his prey but the two Xingese used their talents to overpower him despite the complete darkness. Pride then asked how many times Gluttony had been killed to which the Homunculi stated that he did not know but that it was a lot. His brother Pride stated that the two were badly wounded and that they faced the very real prospect of being killed. But Gluttony said he had no fear as Father would fix them if that was the case but only then realized that Pride's shadows had encircled. Pride at this point intended to consume Gluttony's Philosopher's Stone to empower himself despite Gluttony begging to be spared. As the shadows snatched him, Gluttony begged Pride not to eat him and in his last moments he called out to Lust to save him. After his Philosopher Stone was consumed, Pride gained all of Gluttony's abilities including his endless hunger that needed to be sated.


Personality and attributes

One of the Homunculi.

His most defining trait stemmed from his name as Gluttony was completely fixated on sated his hunger. As such, he often asked his comrades if he could eat their target.

He had faith in Father in being able to heal all of his injuries.

Gluttony was greatly attached to Lust and felt rage at the individual responsible for killing her.

Powers and abilities

A failed Gate of Truth.

As a homunculi, Gluttony had a range of abilities that were beyond those of a normal human despite his appearance. He was immortal so long as the Philosopher's Stone that made his core was not exhausted of energy or destroyed. As such, he was able to survive critical wounds that simply regenerated allowing him to restore lost limbs within moments. Among the homunculi, Gluttony had a superior sense of smell that allowed him to track targets over long distances through their scent.

His greatest weapon stemmed from his origin as a failed attempt at replicating a Gate of Truth. Gluttony was able to open up a massive move that split apart his body creating a doorway. From this maw, he was able to fire beams at targets that sucked his targets inside of it. Those hit were taken inside a realm within Gluttony. Once inside, they were generally trapped inside a place that consisted of everything Gluttony had ever consumed. This realm consisted of a sea of blood with few solid ground structures but no food or water. Typically, individuals trapped inside of Gluttony had no way of escaping and simply died inside. However, a skilled alchemist with the power of a Philosopher's Stone had the means of opening the portal and returning to the real world.


  • In the earlier anime, a different version of Gluttony was shown with a backstory that diverged from the Manga.


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