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Not the smartest of Digimon, Etemon seems to think he is the perfect singer (though he really isn't). After trapping his enemy, Datamon, Etemon used the Dark Network to control the continent of Server. After Etemon harassed the first group of Digidestined as they crossed Server, Datamon lured the children to him and had them free him. However, Datamon betrayed the Digidestined and attempted to defeat Etemon by making a copy of Takenouchi, Sora.

Tai, Izzy, Tentomon, and Agumon invaded Datamon's pyramid to save Sora, but they were followed by Etemon, who found Datamon. Datamon caused the floor to vanish, revealing the core of the Dark Network, but he also infected it with computer viruses. The infected Network destroyed Datamon, but it fused with Etemon to make him even more powerful. Etemon nearly killed the Digidestined, but Tai's Crest of Courage enabled Greymon to digivolve into MetalGreymon and blow up the core of the Dark Network, sending Etemon into a vortex.

After seeing this, the Digidestined assumed that he was dead, but he later returned as MetalEtemon.

Etemon's attacks included Concert Crush.

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