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Derek Maza was the younger brother of Elisa Maza. Like his father and his big sister, he joined the NYPD, as a helicopter pilot. Later, when he was helping Elisa track David Xanatos by helicopter, he and Elisa wound up in the middle of an attempted robbery by Jackal and Hyena. Derek's helicopter was damaged by the criminals, but Derek managed to land it anyway. Xanatos was "impressed" by Derek's skill, and offered him a job at Xanatos Enterprises as his pilot and bodyguard. He seriously thought about it, and despite Elisa's protests, he took the job. Almost immediately, he had to defend Xanatos from Jackal and Hyena, who had been told by Fox to assassinate the multibillionaire. Elisa had managed to gain taped evidence to prove that Xanatos only wanted Derek as part of some plan, but he never listened to it.

Xanatos later manipulated events so that Derek was mutated into a pseudo-gargoyle creature known as a mutate. Renaming himself Talon, Derek became the de facto leader of the other mutates, and while leaving Xanatos when Elisa discovered Derek's fate, he soon returned in the hopes of gaining a cure. He eventually gave up on this cure, and abandoned Xanatos when he showed his true colors.

Talon and the other mutates set up the former Cyberbiotics Station Two as the Labyrinth. Despite an attempt by Fang to take the place over, Talon has since been a good leader there. He has also become close to fellow mutate Maggie the Cat.

(In the Future Tense dream-reality, he was killed along with Coldstone and Maggie when the three and Broadway tried to prevent Dr. Sevarius and the Ultra-Pack from turning the last free humans into mutates.)

Greg Weisman's Master Plan

Talon and Maggie would have eventually married, and Greg has suggested that Talon would not approve of Elisa's relationship with Goliath, and that the Manhattan Clan had moved back into Xanatos' owned Castle Wyvern.

The Goliath Chronicles

In the Goliath Chronicles, Talon alerted the Manhattan Clan to the Clone Clan's deterioration.

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