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G'Kar is a male alien character who features in Babylon 5.




In 2256, he came to be appointed as the Narn Ambassador to the new diplomatic space station Babylon 5. During this time, he arranged a meeting with the human telepath Lyta Alexander and proposed a breeding project to introduce the telepathy gene into the Narn population. He offered her financial compensation for her participation though Lyta would turn down his offer. Ambassador G'Kar also had a meeting with Minbari ambassador Delenn in order to elicit aid from her people and use them to enact his revenge against the Centauri but she aggressively refused his suggested alliance. During this time, he was also secretly involved in a plot to discredit Babylon 5 commander Jeffrey Sinclair. This involved smuggling a changeling net on-board with this being provided to a Minbari assassin who planned to frame Commander Sinclair for the apparent assassination of the Vorlon ambassador Kosh Naranek upon his arrival at the station. To ensure Sinclair's fall, G'Kar also blackmailed Centauri ambassador Londo Mollari to vote against the Commander so that he would be taken to the Vorlon homeworld to stand trial for the murder. Despite the resolution going forward, Sinclair managed to exonerate himself and saved Kosh's life with the assassin being killed in the process. (Episode: The Gathering)

As such, he became a noted survivor in the war for independence on his homeworld. At some point, he encountered Councilor Du'Rog in the Kha'Ri and succeeded in humiliating him as well as his family. This led to the pair being enemies of one another with the nature of this incident being such that the true revelations of the event would show G'Kar's time on the council that would affect his position. G'Kar would later survive being on the leadership council of his government where he survived two assassination attempts on his life. (Episode: The Parliament of Dreams)

He then had negotiations with the Gaim ambassador for powerful thermonuclear warheads that were normally undetectable. After delivering them to Ivanova, the station command's crew intended to use them in the next battle against the Shadows. Afterwards, Babylon 5 was targeted for a direct strike against the Shadows with G'Kar informing Ivanova that two of the warheads were missing. This was because Sheridan had secretly taken the two warheads on-board the White Star as he visited Z'ha'dum and detonated them in a direct strike on the Shadows. (Episode: Z'ha'dum)

In the aftermath, there seemed to had been a lull in the fighting as the Shadows had retreated from all fronts. However, G'Kar knew that this was only a temporary event as he believed the enemy were likely re-grouping before they recommenced their attacks. Despite that, he came to notice that morale had dropped with the command staff of Babylon 5 being in a daze with the loss of Sheridan. In addition, the League of Non-Aligned Worlds had pulled their forces back as they believed the war was over and that they had to strengthen their own respective homeworlds. This was despite the terms of the Babylon Treaty that stated that signatories were to contribute ships to the station's deence. G'Kar was among those that attempted to rally the other races but they refused to heed their words. In this time, G'Kar felt that everyone's grief over the loss of Sheridan meant that no one was paying attention to the missing Mr. Garibaldi. G'Kar came to enter Garibaldi in an attempt to find inspiration there where he met Zac Allen and was resolved in finding the missing security chief. (Episode: The Hour of the Wolf)


Personality and attributes

He was noted to had developed a reputed fascination with Earth women. (Episode: The Parliament of Dreams)

G'Kar took pride in the fact that he fought his own battles. (Episode: The Parliament of Dreams)

Powers and abilities

In his rage, G'Kar was known to be able to lift a fully grown Narn and throw them. (Episode: The Parliament of Dreams)

He once had gill implants placed on his neck that allowed him to breath in other atmospheres. It was said that they were painful to use yet were effective with them meaning that he did not need a breather mask. (Episode: The Gathering)


  • G'Kar was portrayed by actor Andreas Katsulas where he featured in the setting of Babylon 5 universe.


  • Babylon 5: "The Parliament of Dreams"
  • Babylon 5: "The Legend of the Rangers"

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