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Green Martians in Martian Manhunter v2 #34.

The Green Martians are an alien race features in DC Comics.




Martians battling for Earth in Justice League of America v1 #230.

Martian civilization had centuries ago undergone the Great Evolution where all crime was virtually wiped out with the rate of wrongdoing being much less when compared to younger worlds such as Earth. In an effort to attain interplanetary travel, the Martians had been working on Project Star-Ride but the project was not complete. (Detective Comics v1 #225)

Mars at this time was being plagued by the canal raiders that terrorized the mother city and were plundering the planets soul by stealing priceless relics. These criminals had been using the waters in the canal to escape and had robbed from the Chamber of Hope who were stopped by J'onn J'onnz who relayed a plan to capture them to his parents following a brief contact back with Mars. (Detective Comics v1 #236)

On Earth, a string of criminal acts were conducted by a group of Martians led by Vulkor leading to Martian Manhunter journeying back to Mars to learn more of the villain from the All-Martian Council. (Brave and the Bold v1 #50)

At some point, Mars was engulfed in a worldwide civil war between the Green Martian Desert Dwellers and the White Martian Pole Dwellers that were led by Commander Blanx. The two sides were battling for the Blue Flame that was a tree of fire that was situated between their respective nations and was the only source of heat on their world. J'onn J'onns served as the military science leader for the Green Martians who led them in pursuit of the Blue Flame to use as an energy for space travel with Blanx opposing him. The two engaged one another in close quarter combat but J'onns was defeated with his forces suffering a similar fate without his leadership. The Pole Dwellers could not execute J'onns due to his popularity and instead send him into exile for thirteen years but he was accidently teleported to Earth. In the following years, Commander Blanx had gotten a space vehicle into orbit and bombarded the Blue Flame with rays that caused it to exponentially grow to systematically spread to engulf all of Mars. This was because Blanx had agreed to sell his world for wealth to alien travellers but he had to be the last living Martian in order to receive payment. With a small fraction of Green Martian survivors, J'onns helped in the construction of a space ark to escape their world but was unable to complete the task whereupon he sought the help of the Justice League. Together, they fought the Pole Dwellers and Blanx fell to his death in a fight with the Martian Manhunter. With the last of his people, they departed the burning Mars in order to find a new home for themselves. (Justice League of America v1 #71)

J'onn later won the election to lead his people once again with R'es Eda awarding him the Sceptre of State but the elderly Martian was killed. He died in the arms of J'onnz who vowed revenge and turned against his people as in a blind rage he took a ship to Earth as he believed the murderer was from his former home. J'onn was pursued by army commander N'or Cott who believed that J'onnz was a traitor and planned to kill him. (Adventure Comics v1 #449)

Despite their life on Mars II, many of their kind in particular the young dreamed of returning to their homeworld of Mars. These Green Martians secretly flocked under the banner of a military leader known as the Marshal who led the soldiers of the Red Brotherhood. He made use of the resentment the Martians had for living on a hostile world and desire to reclaim their heritage to get them to turn against their leaders. Within weeks, the soldiers had taken over Mars II and prepared for an invasion of Earth who they blamed for stealing their home. J'onn J'onnzz witnessed the coup and quickly escaped Mars II to warn Earth of the impending attack with hunters dispatched by the Marshal who tasked them with killing the Martian Manhunter. (Justice League of America v1 #228)


Originally, the Green Martian civilization came from an older progenitor race that dwelled on Mars who were known as the "the Burning". This violent aggressive species propagated themselves asexually as well as brutally engaged one another in never ending conflict. However, they were an advancing race whose nature troubled the Guardians of the Universe who believed the species to be a threat if they developed interstellar travel. Thus, they intervened and genetically manipulated these early Martians - an act which separated them into at least two separate species which became known as the Green Martians and the White Martians. In addition to this tampering with their biology, the Guardians also instilled a genetic fear and weakness towards fire in an effort to prevent the recreation of the Burning Martians. [JLA: Trial by Fire issues #84-89] In the distant past, it was believed that the Green Martians may have warred with one another but violence became an abberation amongst their kind and was not a natural state. Instead, they grew up to become a race of poets, dreamers, mystics and seers. [Martian Manhunter #1 (May 88)] To this new species, their homeworld was called Maleca'andra and the neighbouring world of Earth was referred to as Per'elandra. [Martian Manhunter #0 (Oct 98)] The Green Martians were once visited by the immortal race of beings known as the Guardians of the Universe who were attempting to create an intergalactic police force that would enforce order upon the cosmos. Their initial creations were in face androids that were modelled upon the Green Martian police forces but were a failure when they turned rogue. Thus, the Guardians sought to create sentient organic beings that would wield the power of the Green Light in the form of the Green Lantern Corps. When offered to join these noble enforcers, the Green Martians questioned the wisdom of an intergalactic police force and ultimately refused the Guardian's offer. The Oans decided to respect the wishes of the Green Martians and allowed them to polce their own solar system. (Martian Manhunter v2 #21)

At some point in their history, the Martian civilizations faced a danger in a creature native to their world which were the Bloodworms of Mars. These vicious beasts were so deadly that it forced the Green Martians to cooperate for the first time with their war-like cousins, the White Martians in combating them. By working together, this alliance managed to transport the creatures onto their moon of Phobos whereupon the planetoid was bombarded with explosives in an effort to end the threat posed by the Bloodworms. [Martian Manhunter v2 #32] At some unknown point, a holy man known as K'rkzar came to the Martian homeworld in order to study the Green Martian religion whereupon he departed to other worlds in order to develop further insight on the matter. [Martian Manhunter Special #1] In the entirety of Green Martian history, there had only been two cases where Martian criminals had siphoned the mental energy of a living sentient being for unknown purposes and these individuals from the most severe forms of punishment. [Martian Manhunter #0 (Oct 98)]

The Martian civil war.

In time, the two civilizations on Mars continued to progress technologically and extended their race into the solar system where they colonized the world of Saturn. At the height of the Mal'candra'adrean empire, they had reached a golden age when mankind was still in its infancy. Upon reaching Saturn, they created artificial environments the size of the planet Mercury where encased them in protective bubbles that sheltered them from the harsh environment of Saturn. These settlements were named H'ronmeerca'andra. Each of these new colonies mimicked the different environments on their homeworld of Mars and suited the individual needs of their inhabitants. They served as centers for manufacturing as well as the mining and refinement of hydrogen from Saturn itself. The importance of the colony meant that it was considered a vital interest to the Martians who established floating fortresses around that world which served as the planets first and only ring at the time. [Martian Manhunter #4 (March 99)]

They managed to not only terraform the location but built cities whereupon they used their own DNA to create a genetically engineered worker force that became known as the Saturnians as they lacked enough of their own people to man the colony. Their White Martian cousins also embarked on similar genetic experiments but where the Green Martians treated their clones as equals, the White Martians treated theirs as slaves. In that same time, the White Martians were conducting genetic experiments on the native inhabitants of the primitive world of Earth. This act sparked a civil war between the two races which ravaged the surface of Mars and destroyed the Saturn colonies which left debris that served as a ring that was noted by mankind in later years. The White Martians were defeated in the conflict and were exiled to the Still Zone, a shadow dimension where captives were intended to remain for all of time. This came when the Green Martians managed to force the White Martian mothership holding the remnants of their kind into that dimension which finally brought an era of peace. However, the legacy of the war continued to impact their Saturnian children with both offshoots hating one another. The conflict also shattered the Martian peopels reign as an interstellar people and they retreated to Mars where they were content to remain. (Martian Manhunter v2 #4, #25)

Their species sought to monitor the forbidden experiments of their White Martian kin on the primitive humans. Thus, a colony was established five millennia ago on Earth to watch the growth of their civilization. To blend among mankind, the Green Martian colonists used their shapeshifting powers to masquerade as the gods of Ancient Egypt. However, at some point, contact with the colony was lost and the fate of these Green Martians was unknown. In reality, following extended time on Earth saw the Green Martians lose their malleable nature with the psionic expert Ch'all Ch'andrum who discovered a means to transfer their minds into receptive human minds that contained the Martian altered genes. They thus began to possess humans where they saw themselves as gods with the colony's Manhunter attempting to stop these renegades but they forced him into a tomb in the Sphinx where he fell in a deep slumber. (Martian Manhunter v2 #25)

The doom of the Green Martian civilization came in the form of Ma'alefa'ak, the twin brother of J'Onn J'Onzz. After being stripped of his memories and made to believe he was a mutant that was deprived of telepathic abilities, Malefic wanted to gain vengeance against his kind. Thus, he engineered a telepathic virus that was known as H'ronmeer's Curse which he unleashed on his people whilst they were searching for him with the intention of executing him for other crimes he had committed. As the Green Martians began accessing the Great Mind with their telepathic powers, the deadly disease began infecting them and causing them to burn to death. This course of actions let to the virtual extinction and end of the civilization leaving only two survivors; Malefic himself and J'Onn J'Onzz who was transported across space and time to the planet Earth. (Martian Manhunter v2 #7)

The New 52

Following the Flashpoint, a new version of history was created with a different series of events.


A Green Martian court held to discuss Ma'alfa'ak's crimes.

Their most notable traits were their chameleon-like powers allowing them to change their appearance into any other form. (Detective Comics v1 #225) Martians adapted form through study that was done so nearly instantaneously due to their telepathy with this being done so in a methodical manner and requiring full concentration. (JLA v1 #88) The possessed a morphoplastic nervous system that was responsible for their control over their physical structure. (JLA v1 #16) As telepaths, it was said that they enjoyed perceptions that could not be dreamed by humans as they were limited to five senses. (JLA v1 #52) A more advanced ability was their mind-over-matter power allowing them to telekinetically move objects. Other Martian powers included the ability to turn invisible or shift into an immaterial form with these being used to conceal their presence. (Detective Comics v1 #225) Martian blood was noted to naturally much richer in iron when compared to human hemoglobin. (JLA v1 #59) Technically, they were noted as being an asexual people. (JLA v1 #63)

They were noted to hold one primary weakness which was fire that could sap their powers and kill them. (Detective Comics v1 #225)

This branch of Martians were noted as being a race of warriors, sorcerors and priests who were considered more noble and wiser than mankind but far more savage. Their civilzation consisted of metal spheres as buildings and their priests often made use of mind-spheres. They were known to had posssessed techniques to calm the mind, balance their emotions and heal their bodies. [Martian Manhunter #1 (May 88)]

It should be noted that some of the above was noted as being a fabrication of Dr. Erdel.

Being a telepathic species, there were careful protocols that needed to be observed in order to protect one's privacy. Despite this being the case, the Green Martians lived secured in the knowledge that they were never alone and always part of something greater - to their kind, they referred to this being the Great Voice and also known as the Great Mind. Furthermore, being shapeshifters, their forms and even their clothes were created by their very thoughts and they wore them during daily contact with others of their kind. However, their truest form and deepest thoughts were only ever exposed to those they were most intimate with in their lives. [Martian Manhunter #0 (Oct 98)] One of the reasons why a Martian would not take a Human lover was because love to their kind was a melding of both minds and bodies. [Martian Manhunter #3 ()Feb 99 "Head Games"] Participation within the collective consciousness of the Mind Well was not compulsory but those that did so had a responsibility to keep it active. [Superman in Action Comics #774 (February 2001) "Scorch Returns"]

As shapeshifters, Martians shifted between those of a social shape that they wore when meeting others and their true shape that was the truest expression of their form. (Martian Manhunter v5 #2) Their biology allowed them to separate a part of their body which was capable of regenerating into a fully formed Martian thus allowing them to potentially survive complete destruction so long as a part remained intact. They were also able to move their soul and mind which they referred to as their ta'ash into these body parts in order to survive. Once regrown, they lacked a significant amount of mass and needed to replenish this lost body by absorption of soil. [Martian Manhunter #8 (July 99)] There existed a danger in taking the soil from another world as it meant that the mass was not proportionate and some of the shapechanging abilities of the Martian in question might be affected. [Martian Manhunter #9 (August 99)]

Green Martians learnt to see beneath the appearance of others due to the fact that they were telepaths and shapechangers. (JLA: Earth-2 v1 #1)

One ritual was the g'amal'khul that was considered an honored institution among their kind where parties exchanged self between loved ones. The souls of the individuals mixed with one another so that a living portion of each was retained in the other. This served as a rite of passage that united generations of families across the reaches of time. Such rites were used to link brothers to one another or other members of the family such wives and children. The participants needed to the psyche of the other to dwell in their own mind and allowed the Martian to call upon the other for comfort, knowledge as well as love. (JLA Classified v1 #42) The word for cheating in the Green Martian language was d'urnu'tak which some of their kind attributed to being the result of non-shapeshifters being tired of the singular form of their mate leading them to seek the excitement of another form. (JLA Classified v1 #43)

A gathering of Green Martians.

A key position within the Green Martians was that of a Manhunter who were law enforcement individuals charged with seeking those both within and without society who would bring about its downfall. [Martian Manhunter v2 #0) These police detectives were charged with the protection of the populace from telepathic crimes. (JLA Classified v1 #42) One of the greatest crimes amongst their people was that of a mind rape. Such a crime faced the punishment of a collective group of Green Martians who burrowed through the criminals mind and expunged their telepathic ability as well as re-arranged their mind so that they never believed they had such traits. (Martian Manhunter v2 #7) After this occured, Martian law and tradition held that he was to be considered a new person and held accountable as the individual they are and not what they used to be. [Martian Manhunter v2 #8) Another position was that of the Keep who was a figure to serve as a repository of all their memory. Despite being a collective mind, the Green Martians maintained such a role that was a secret position charged with keeping the history of Mars itself. Thus, to protect it, the individual who held this post was kept off-world and they were regarded as a chosen one. (Justice League v4 #4)

Green Martians were a polytheist society that had many deities such as gods of war, dreams, love, art and death. (JLA Classified v1 #12) As a religious species who often sang the Songs of Praise to their deities. (Martian Manhunter v1 #1) Among these gods included:

  • H'ronmeer : the God of Death. (Martian Manhunter v1 #4)
  • C'eridyall : the Goddess of Life. (Martian Manhunter v1 #4)
  • Unnameable One : the God behind all gods. (Martian Manhunter v1 #4)
  • L'zoril : Lord L'zoril was the Martian God of Dreams and was a guise for Dream of the Endless. (Sandman v2 #5)

Within the Tharsis Text, there was mention of a god of terror that lived apart from the other gods and had an army of lovers. It was said that he told the Green Martians that he would bring them terror and that he would scar them if they failed him or he would annihilate them if they challenged them. In fact, the Tharsis Text that was carved on the walls of Tharsis was held as their earliest story and oral tradition. (JLA Classified v1 #12) Unlike humanity, the Green Martians did not possess any concept of a hell. [Martian Manhunter #0 (Oct 98)] They also revered the spirits of their ancestors. [Martian Manhunter #12] A location of particular note in Green Martian beliefs was the City of Focative Mirrors. (Sandman v2 #5) One creature from fiction were the Martian Flesh-Candles that took a flickering form consisting of greenish skin that had a face and flames on their heads and mouths that could turn elastic skin into a noxious smell. (JLA v1 #49) It was considered a fable among their kind with elders disciplining Martian children about the tales of the Flesh Candles of King My'dorr with these stories being disturbing even to adults. (JLA v1 #47) On Mars, the Sh'anne Valley was a particularly sacred location to their kind with no non-Martians allowed there. Every ten years, the Green Martians came to this sacred place in order to pray and take bad memories from the Great Mind whereupon painful memories and regrets were given to the ground to be fed to the Quonars as they chanted Sh'anne as part of a cleaning ritual. The act was a collective effort of shedding regret and letting go of the past so that they could move forward into the future. (Justice League v4 #17)

On a technological level, Green Martians were noted for the exclusive use of geothermal energy as a power source as this was partly because of their aversion to open flames. One such facility was the Central Power Cathedral located on Mars in a region known to mankind as Olympus Mons. They also possessed teleportation devices amongst their technology. [Martian Manhunter #0 (Oct 98)] They also made use of the semi-sentient Zo'ok flower on their worlds as a form of clothing which enveloped their beings and stretched their bodies into the desired shape. [Martian Manhunter #8 (July 99)]

An object of particular significance to Green Martians were Kuru Pendants which all members of their kind possessed and received after completing the journey of souls. These served as spiritual conduits that connected the past to the present. The pendants were effectively massive memory cores that downloaded ancestral memories into the consciousness of all who came next with the medallions being the last vestigial trace of a people whose histories were preserved orally. (Brave New World v1 #1)

Ter'ya Mao which meant the Circumvolution that dealt with the end of a planetary cycle and the beginning of a new one. It was noted as the most beloved as well as sacred of holidays for the Maleca'andrians. During this time, Green Martians joined the Mind Well in order to keep it both lush and vital. To achieve this, each member opened their mind through a neuro-kinetic discipline where they shared the experiences of the last year with their clan members. Within the span of a starblink, such individuals shared their hopes, dreams, losses and other experiences of their life. (Action Comics v1 #774) An event celebrated by Martians was Chrysalis Night which was about Martians finding their own respective shapes whereby their dreams were made flesh as a sign of personal expression of their mind which they wore on the outside. This involved some Green Martian's going through L'zoril's Breach and taking on their chosen form. (Martian Manhunter v5 #2)

The Martian language had twelve words for "husband" and fourteen for "father". (Justice League: A Midsummer's Nightmare v1 #2) There were thirty seven words for justice in the Martian language but no words for mercy. (Teen Titans Annual v5 #1) In their language, the word sh'anne was sacred and meant place of ancient memories. (Justice League v4 #17) Within Martian culture, there were symbols that represented hate and love. (Brightest Day v1 #15)


  • B'enn B'urnzz : a male Green Martian criminal from the year 2062 who was pursued by futuristic lawmen through a time machine into the modern age where he was apprehended with the aid of the Martian Manhunter. (Detective Comics v1 #305)
  • Ch'all Ch'andrum' : chief psionics expert who five millennia ago was dispatched to the Green Martian colony on Earth's Egypt to monitor the White Martian altered humans but the colonists began to lose their powers with Ch'all uncovering the means to transfer their minds into human hosts where they began to rule as gods among the primitive humans. (Martian Manhunter v2 #25)
  • J'onn J'onnz :
  • T'omm J'onzz : a male Green Martian who was the younger brother to J'onn J'onnz. (Detective Comics v1 #287) This version was only present in the Pre-Crisis story.
  • J'harl J'onzz : a male ancestor of J'onn J'onnz who was a Manhunter that was dispatched five millennia ago to be part of the Green Martian colony to monitor humans on Earth following the White Martian experiments with him dying whilst traces of him were embedded in the Sphinx on Earth. (Martian Manhunter v2 #25)
  • Quork : a male distorted criminal genius from Mars who was one of his planets few criminals that escaped to Earth after using his invisibility belt where he was pursued by Roh Kar. (Batman v1 #78)
  • Roh Kar : a male lawman from peaceful highly advanced world of Mars that kept their civilization a secret from Earth who came to Earth to pursue a criminal. (Batman v1 #78)
  • Vulkor : the Capsule-Master was an Martian arch criminal who along with his fellow green skinned henchmen had been conducting criminal operations on Earth at Star City that attracted the attention of Green Arrow and Speedy who teamed up with the Martian Manhunter to stop the extraterrestrial criminal. (Brave and the Bold v1 #50)
  • D’Kay D’Razz a female Green Martian who as a child became obsessed with those of her kind that could not open themselves to their people's communal telepathic mind. She then physically and telepathically imprisoned them in order to re-connect them to the collective mind with some surviving and others dying. This brought the ire of the High Council and the Manhunters of Mars who captured her and kept D'Razz in a telepathy inhibiting cell. The Green Martian civilization was later killed with D'Kay being one of the few survivors who was driven insane after losing contact with other minds. She was later accidently transported to Earth by Dr. Erdel where human minds drove her further into sanity leading to her taking a human identity and completely all memory of her previous identity with her hiding on the planet for many years. (Brightest Day v1 #12)
  • R'es Eda : a wise old male Green Martian who journeyed with others of his kind to Mars II where he was awarding the Sceptre of State to J'onn J'onnz after he was voted to be the Martian leader again only to be murdered. (Adventure Comics v1 449)
  • N'or Cott : a male Green Martian who was the Commander of the Army on Mars II who tried to keep J'onn J'onnz on their world after he sought revenge for he murder of R'es Eda. (Adventure Comics v1 #449)
  • Cay'an : a female Green Martian who survived the destruction of her race conducted by Malefic but as he was dead she could not take revenge on him but directed her rage against J'onn J'onnz as she believed he failed his duty to his people due to him not calling his brother. She orchestrated a plot for revenge and sought to kill a group of surviving White Martians. (Martian Manhunter v3 #8)
  • Marshal : a male Green Martian who was genetically engineered to be the perfect member of their kind with tremendous charisma who was on Mars II and created the Red Brotherhood to take over leadership of his kind in order to retake Mars and conquer Earth. (Justice League of America v1 #228)


  • The Green Martians were created by Joseph Samachson, Jack Miller and Joe Certa where they made their first appearance Detective Comics v1 #225 (November, 1955).
  • Creatures native to Mars included the Shigar that were quadrupedal with long fanged snouts and sharp claws. (Justice League of America v1 #236)

Alternate Versions

  • In Flash Comics v1 24 (1941), Earth-2 showed an alien race known as the Kriglo that inhabited Mars in the setting. These were intelligent spider-like aliens with six long green legs, two arms and a black carapace that were able to shoot webbing. They were shown to be an advanced species that developed rod-guns and sought slaves.
  • In Wonder Woman v1 #104 (1959), a Pre-Crisis version of Earth in the Golden Age showed a race of Martians that were a war-like yellow skinned humanoids native to Mars.
  • In All-Star Squadron v1 #57 (1986), a version of Martians were shown to inhabit the other universe of Earth-2. They were shown to exist in 1942 with Mars populated by a race of green skinned natives. The melting of the polar caps filled their canals with water thus sustaining their civilization with plants being used to furnish the water. Among their creations was the educatograph that their great scientists used to implant knowledge from electric emanations and they had the knowledge of creating air from water. Warfare erupted between the Northerners and the Southern Nations when Kagar (Prince) Butor of the Southerners attempted to take control of the plants that supplied water to their race. It was the aid of the Atom Al Pratt that defeated Kagar with a treaty forged to maintain the peace on Mars. The grateful Martians provided Pratt with knowledge of the educatograph and the knowledge to turn water into air allowing him to return to Earth.
  • In Superman v1 #417 (1986), an alternate version of events were shown if Superman's rocketship landed on Mars instead of Earth. Martians were shown to be green-skinned war-like humanoids with no abilities but advanced technology. After landing, Kal-El was adopted by the warlord Commander Norr who adopts the child as his son who he names Skaggerak. Their tribe would conquer the rest of Mars by the time Kal-El had grown up with the last warlord to fall being Dumumbluh the Incoherent. By this point, Skaggerak had superhuman abilities given from the system's yellow sun and served as his adoptive fathers secret weapon. After conquering Mars, they divert their attention to Earth where Skaggerak takes the entire White House as a trophy for their invasion forces but stops after seeing humans. He convinces his father to go on an infiltration mission to hide amongst mankind due to their similar appearance but grows fond of humanity leading to him turning against his adoptive father and the Martian invaders.
  • In Countdown to Adventure v1 #1 (2007), an alternate version of the Green Martians were shown to inhabit the Earth-48 reality. They were one of the Nine Houses that populated the various worlds of the Sol system after humanity had been rendered extinct through warfare on Earth.
  • In Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st Century v1 #11 (2008), a version of the Martians was shown in the comic tie-in to the animated series of the same name. The Green Martians were shown to exist still by the 31st century after being nearly extinct but managed to survive due to the efforts of J'onn J'onnz who terraformed Mars. Through the Martian Manhunters efforts, their culture, tradition and teachings were restored with Martians of this era being descendants of J'onn J'onnz. By the 31st century, a small band of dangerous separatists by the name of the Hyperclan formed that distorted his teachings as they attempted to remove the United Planets along with other races from Mars.

In other media


Green Martian in Justice League.
Green Martian in Young Justice.
Green Martians in Supergirl.
  • In Justice League, the Martian race made an appearance in the DC Animated Universe where they were represented by J'onn J'onnz who explained their backstory in the pilot episode. Their civilization was said to had been a peaceful race that had lived a thousand years ago which was the height of their society on Mars. Children on Mars had small toys known as illusotrons that projected crude images over other objects. They lived in peace until the parasitic Imperium had arrived on Mars who sought to conquer the planet. The Martians saw the taking of life as abhorrent but over the centuries they quickly learnt the ways of war. Despite their valiant resistance, every trace of their once great civilization fell and the Imperium fed on the Martians psychically where they absorbed the natives of Mars shapeshifting ability. A small band of Martians survivors staged a last desperate attack with a bio-chemical weapon that left the Imperium in a stasis-like state. However, the entirety of the Martian race were killed with only J'onn J'onnz being the only survivor of his kind.
  • In The Batman, Martians were briefly mentioned in the episode "The Joining" with the Martian Manhunter being the only member of the race shown. According to Batman, existence of Martians was present among urban legends that he had studied and included their weakness to fire. However, nothing else was mentioned of the Martian race.
  • In Young Justice, the Martians made an appearance in the animated series where they were shown to had not gone extinct but still being alive on Mars. On Mars, the Martians were divided into several subspecies based on skin color with the Green Martians being one of them. Among their creations were organic vessels that shared many of the shape changing traits of their creators. J'onn J'onnz was a native Green Martian whilst the White Martian Miss Martian disguised herself as a Green Martian to avoid persecution from her own kind. B'arzz O'oomm was a Green Martian archaeologist who was possessed by a Reach Scarab to become the Green Beetle.
  • In Supergirl, the Martians made an appearance in the live-action series where they appeared in the episode "Strange Visitor From Another Planet". Long ago, they inhabited the planet Mars which they shared with the White Martians. A practice of their kind was bonding whereby two Martians shared each other telepathically that was a deep experience. Some of their kind also suffered dementia with this being known as Za-alet which translated as "decay of memory". They lived until the emergence of the White Martians from underground who had been building weapons of death and fire traps. Despite knowing war, the Green Martians had never experienced the brutality that the White Martians had used with their being no honor in their assaults. The White Martians herded the Green Martians into camps where the women and children were taken away whilst the men were sent into labor and any remaining were sent into furnaces. Among the only survivors of this great purge was J'onn J'onnz with his family being killed by the White Martians. J'onn J'onnz later arrived on Earth where he was pursued by D.E.O. agent Hank Henshaw and nearly killed but was saved by Jeremiah Danvers. Henshaw was seemingly killed with J'onnz taking his identity and seeking to honor Danvers apparent sacrifice in saving him.


  • In Justice League: The New Frontier, the last Green Martian was J'onn J'onzz who was inadvertently transported to Earth by Dr Erdel who died form a heart attack. Unable to return him, J'onnz disguised himself as Erdel and began to live on Earth.
  • In Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths, the Martian race's fate was mentioned by Martian Manhunter who was the last of his kind. His origins were shown to Rose Wilson when he engaged in a telepathic sharing of memories with one another. According to J'onn, this act was considered one of deep intimacy between two individuals on Mars as the alternate reality version of Rose Wilson had fallen in love with the Martian Manhunter. He explained to her that the pair were attuned to one another which was why they were able to pick up each others thoughts so easily with this being considered a rarity on Mars. During a flashback on his memories, Wilson saw J'onn's past where he had a wife and child, fought against the White Martians, his people dying and his eventual arrival to Earth by a teleportation experiment conducted by a human scientist.


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