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Gregor in the Savage Land in Ka-Zar v4 #3.

Gregor is a male comic supervillain that features in Marvel Comics.



He was guarding the ancestral home estate of the Kravinoff family in Russia when Jason Macendale arrived asking to speaking to Vladamir Kravinoff offering Kraven's journal. It was only then that Gregor allowed Macendale to enter into the estate. After an initial standoff with his Macendale, Vladimir decided to allow Jason to stay in his home and asked Gregor to prepare a room for their guest. Vladimir demanded his fathers journal with him asking Gregor to bring cash, gold and jewels as payment but Jason stated he did not want riches but rather the elixir Kraven that imparted powers to a human being. Gregor intervened to stop Vladimir from killing Jason Macendale and offered an alternative where they would use a distilled elixir on their guest. In reality, Gregor had convinced Vladimir that Jason would not survive exposure and that they would gain the full knowledge of the journal along with testing it on Macendale. (Spider-Man v1 #47)


Personality and attributes

He served as a trusted advisor to Vladimir and as a voice of reason. Gregor was loyal to Vladimir and believed that the power of his father's elixir was his birth right. (Spider-Man v1 #47)

Gregor was not above eliminating targets in order to silence them as his loyalty was to the Kravinoff's. (Spider-Man v1 #47)

Powers and abilities

He was fluent in Russian and English. (Spider-Man v1 #47)

Gregor was skilled in the use of firearms where he made use of pistols. (Spider-Man v1 #47)


  • Gregor was created by Howard Mackie and Tom Lyle where he made his first appearance in Spider-Man v1 #47 (June, 1994).


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