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The Grim Hunter in Astonishing Spider-Man v1 #3.

The Grim Hunter is a male comic supervillain that features in Marvel Comics.



Vladimer Kravinoff on the far right in Web of Spider-Man v1 #120.

Vladimir Kravinoff was the Russian born son of Kraven the Hunter. (Spider-Man v1 #47) He was sent by his father back to Russia in order to manage the family estates. (Spider-Man v1 #46)

He was residing at the Kravinoff ancestral estate in Russia with Gregor by his side along with the family's wealth and resources. The home was approached by Jason Macendale who had with him the journal of Kraven the Hunter which Vladimir desired to obtain once more. He was prepared to kill Macendale but the mercenary was prepared for the fight and had as insurance hidden half of the journal. In an attempt to get the journal, Vladimir offered cash, gold and jewels to the mercenary but Macendale refused as he instead wanted the power granting elixir of Kraven. This led to Vladimir getting angry with him ready to attack Macendale until he was stopped by Gregor. In private, Gregor suggested that they allow Jason access to the elixir in order to test its effects on him. Thus, conflict was averted and preparations were made for a distilled sample of the elixir with Gregor intending to eliminate Jason if he survived the process as he believed the elixir was Vladimir's birth right. (Spider-Man v1 #47)


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  • The Grim Hunter was created by Howard Mackie and Tom Lyle where he made his first appearance in Spider-Man v1 #47 (June, 1994).


  • Spider-Man v1:

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