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Helen Magnus is a female television character that features in Sanctuary.



Helen was born during the Victorian Era and was one of the first female doctors and scientists of the Royal College of Surgeons. She was the child of Doctor Gregory Magnus and was often frustrated by the stubborn male members of the College's Board of Directors despite her apparent genius, she asked her father to teach her as he was the leading scientist that shaped modern medicine. However, she was instead introduced to her father's "private research" rather then conventional medicine as he studied as wel as helped Abnormals; a race of magical beings that lived in secret on Earth. By learning from him, she became a proficient medical and scientific researcher with Gregory Magnus introducing her to other similar paranormal scientific researchers in the same field.

Eventually, she became part of a group called The Five who were each injected with the blood of Sanguine Vampiris who were a race of pure Vampire's. Each member of the group developed completely different unique abilities s the Source blood gave any Human with Abnormal level abilities. As a result of this, she gained extended longevity greater then her comrades which left her unable to die of natural causes or physical death. At some point at the time, she pursued a relationship with fellow Five member John Druitt but was unaware like her comrades that a reaction of his abilities drove him into becoming a serial killer who was called Jack the Ripper. Eventually, his secret life was discovered and he was driven away but not before Helen and John had concieved a child in the 1880's.

In order to pursue her father's dream of securing the safety and continued study of Abnormals, Helen created the Sanctuary For All; a series of facilities around the world which were designed for such a role. Magnus herself made her headquarters in the U.S. Sanctuary that was located in New York City. Due to the feelings of betrayal she felt from John, she kept the embryo frozen in stasis for a century. But eventually, a combination of lonelyness as well as passing through her feelings for Druitt allowed her to give birth to a daughter called Ashley Magnus. Since that time she continued her research of Abnormals and other paranormal activity around the world.

She went through numerous proteges in her time but currently serves as a tutor to Doctor Will Zimmermen.


Personality and attributes

She was a doctor and scientist who led the Sanctuary with her areas of expertise encompassing crypto-zoology and exobiology. However, she was not limited to this as she had a wide variety of skills which could change depending on the circumstances.

Magnus was both bold and straightforward in her approach as well as brave and having a no-nonsense attitude. She strives to continue her formal Victorian English sensibilities and was proud of it. Thus, she preferred tea and stated that she would rather die then drink coffee as she sought to maintain her English status.

Due to her long lifespan as well as the nature of her work, she has admitted that she found it to difficult to get close to individuals as they would often die. Thus, she maintains an almost cold and professional attitude with her comrades.

Helen was greatly fond of and loved her father, speaking of him as if he were the smartest person on the entire planet. She also loved her daughter Ashley and respects her independence as well as her self reliance but despite this being the case she did have an occassional mother-daughter conflict. Back in the Victorian era, she also fell in love with John Druitt but her heart was broken by his betrayal when he became a mentally unstable killer.

Powers and abilities

She was in most respects had the same capabilities of an ordinary Human being with the exception of the Source blood within her which gave her an extended lifespan far in excess of Humans or even her fellow Five members. The effects of the pure vampire blood made her immune to natural causes of death. As such, though she appears as a middle-aged Human, her actual age was 157 years giving her a wealth of experience to draw upon namely over a century to consult.


  • Helen Magnus was created by Damian Kindler where she was she was portrayed by Amanda Tapping with Emily Tennant playing the younger version the character.


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