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Ibn al Xu'ffasch in The Kingdom: Son of the Bat v1 #1.

Ibn al Xu'ffasch is a male comic character that features in DC Comics.



Ibn al Xu'ffasch (Arabic for Son of the Bat) was the illegitimate son of Talia al Ghul and Batman where he was born into the reality of Earth-22. On that world, he grew up in the al Ghul family and was unaware of his father's identity. During his adult life, he eventually learnt that Batman was his father when the Dark Knight was in a confrontation with Ibn's grandfather Ra's al Ghul. He was faced with the two life choices before him and ultimately decided to side with Wayne in taking down his grandfather. Though he adopted Batman's philosophy, he decided on a more subtle and indirect approach in achieving his goals. He would inherit Ra's al Ghul's vast empire and used these resources to aid those in trouble. Ibn al Xu'ffasch would lend this support to his father and aided the Batman by operating undercover in Lex Luthor's Mankind Liberation Front. Around this time, he would encounter NightStar who was the daughter of Dick Grayson and Starfire where he would fall in love with her.


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  • Ibn al Xu'ffasch was created by Jerry Bingham, Mike Barr, Alex Ross and Mark Waid where he made his first appearance in Kingdom Come #2 (August, 1996).
  • The mainstream Earth version of the character was later introduced as Damian Wayne though Ibn al Xu'ffasch predated that characters first appearance.


  • Kingdom Come v1:
  • The Kingdom: Son of the Bat v1:

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