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The Imperial Death Troopers are soldiers who feature in Star Wars.



The Imperial Death Troopers were an elite faction of soldiers formed in the time of the Galactic Empire who were members of Imperial Intelligence.

Grand Admiral Thrawn had a squad of Death Troopers assigned to him during the time he was hunting down the Rebel spy known as 'Fulcrum'. He came to determine that it was Agent Kallus himself and confronted the traitor with the Death Troopers arresting him after their fight. During the attack on Atollon, the Death Troopers were on the front lines in the invasion of the Rebel base.

Director Orson Krennic was noted for his entourage of Death Troopers due to his place as head of the Death Star Project due to his high placement as an officer in the Advanced Weapons Research division. These troopers accompanied him to apprehend the scientist Galen Erso so that he could complete the weapon. They were responsible for the death of Erso's wife and taking the scientist away to work on the Death Star project.

Krennic took his Death Trooper guard detail with him to Scarif in order to safeguard the Death Star plans located on the world. These troopers were deployed to help protect the planet when it came under attack from the Rebel Alliance. Two such troopers also accompanied him to secure the plans that had been taken by Jyn Erso and Cassian Andor. Despite their efforts, all the troopers were killed in the defence of Scarif Base with the Rebels managing to transmit the Death Star plans to ships in orbit who fled the system as Imperial reinforcements arrived in the area.

During the reign of the New Republic, there were several Imperial warlords that came to operate independently with one of them being Moff Gideon. He had a squad of six Death Troopers at his command as part of his forces where they were responsible for attacking the cantina on Nevarro where his representative was in negotiations with Din Djarin. These troopers attempted to acquire the 'asset' from the Mandalorian but were killed by the bounty hunter and his allies.


In appearance, the Death Troopers resembled Stormtroopers but were encased in a dark specialised variation of their armor.

They served as bodyguards and enforcers to key Imperial officials.


  • The Imperial Death Troopers were first introduced into the setting of Star Wars in Rogue One.

In other media

Video games

  • In Star Wars: Battlefront, the Death Troopers were introduced into DLC in the video game where they were playable in Multiplayer mode. Two players could be turned into Death Troopers if Orson Krennic was on the battlefield.
  • In Star Wars: Battlefront II, the Death Troopers were playable characters in the first person shooting video game. They were part of the Empire faction as an Enforcer type with players able to take the role after acquiring a number of battlefield points.


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