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Indigo in Outsiders v3 #25.

Indigo is a female comic character that features in DC Comics.




Brainiac 8 in Outsiders v3 #24.

Brainiac 8 was a female cybernetic Coluan organism that was from 3000 years in the future. (Outsiders v3 #24) In her future, the actions of Donna Troy were responsible for the fall of Colu. To prevent the fall of her race, she was sent back in time to present day Earth with the goal of eliminating Troy and prevent this future event. In order to ensure she escaped detection, a fake persona was created that hid the true Brainiac 8 in order for her to operate with impunity. (Outsiders v3 #25)

The damaged Indigo arrived via time displacement in the present where she went into self-maintenance mode and sought out cybernetic units to repair herself. She activated a portal and attacked the Metal Men in order to use them for parts but they proved to be incompatible with her systems. Thus, she sought out another leading to her teleporting to the location of Cyborg Victor Stone who was badly damaged as a result. This brought her into conflict with both the Titans and Young Justice where Indigo managed to defeat both superhero teams before seeking out another source of parts for repair. (Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day v1 #1)

In the aftermath, she lost all memories of herself prior to that point. She was taken into S.T.A.R. Labs where they helped reprogram with Roy Harper helping to train her as Indigo wished to make amends for her past actions. This saw her being recruited by Arsenal into the latest incarnation of the Outsiders despite Nighwing's objections and anger at the android for killing Donna Troy. (Outsiders v3 #1) She aided the team in fighting off warriors from Gorilla City led by Gorilla Grodd. (Outsiders v3 #3)

The pair decided to go out when the Pequod was infiltrated by Shrapnel who hurt Shift causing Indigo to lash out and seemingly kill the supervillain. (Outsiders v3 #20)

The attacks by the various heroes weakened Brainiac 8 thus allowing her Indigo personality to briefly take back control but she could not maintain this grasp over her body. She begged Shift to kill her because the other persona would kill everyone and make her watch it. Shift desperately wanted to her to live with Indigo claiming that she did love him but that he had no choice but to kill her. The pair said their goodbyes to one another and then Shift molecularly transformed her body into organic matter. However, as he could not create life, the act killed her which ended the threat posed by Brainiac 8 with Shift grieving the loss of Indigo. (Outsiders v3 #25)


Following the Flashpoint, a new version of reality was created with a different history of events.

She later battled with Supergirl over National City where she claimed Kara was a danger to the civilian populace. (Supergirl Annual v7 #1) Indigo continued to battle with Supergirl even after her allies were defeated with her body being destroyed by the reawakened Zor-El who sought to save his daughter. Her remains were later being shipped away by the D.E.O. alongside the captured Magog. (Supergirl v7 #13)


Personality and attributes

In reality, her true identity was that of Brainiac 8 that was hidden beneath her Indigo identity. (Outsiders v3 #24) She came to be known as the Woman of Tomorrow. (Supergirl Annual v7 #1)

Indigo stated that she did not possess what was conventionally referred to as feelings but did understand them on many levels. (Outsiders v3 #4)

She was noted to have had a fondness for silent black and white films. (Outsiders v3 #4)

Indigo came to care for her fellow team mate Shift with her kissing him after he nearly died stopping a nuclear warhead. (Outsiders v3 #15) This eventually evolved into a sexual relationship between the two. (Outsiders v3 #20) According to her, she had genuinely fallen in love with Shift and actively fought her Brainiac 8 programming. However, she was unable to combat it and begged Shift to kill her. (Outsiders v3 #25)

Ultimately, her true nature as Brainiac 8 meant that she was dedicated to the preservation of Colu. She considered the original Brainiac her grandfather and was loyal to him. (Outsiders v3 #24) The Indigo program was created as an external cover to hide Brainiac 8 and hide amongst Earth's superheroes until the appropriate time. During her existence, she was noted to had killed millions of people and brought about the death of entire worlds. (Outsiders v3 #25)

Powers and abilities

Brainiac 8 was regarded as one of the most advanced known cybernetic organisms. (Outsiders v3 #24) Her body was noted to contain a great deal of organic matter. (Outsiders v3 #3) Her sensors were able to detect fluctuations in heartbeats, changes in body temperature, perspiration index on skin, rapid eye movements and other physiological traits to determine if a person was lying. She could also detect unusual wavelengths that were hidden from normal human technology with her being able to sense the presence of advanced cloaking technology. (Outsiders v3 #4) As a machine, Indigo had fine control over her capabilities to the point that she could shut down or reduce performance from specific systems. Though possessing a photographic memory, she was able to shut down that portion of her mind allowing her to view movies she had already seen and enjoy them with a fresh experience. Similarly, she could adjust her motion stabilizers to throw off her balance and add imperfection to her ability to play games such as bowling. (Outsiders v3 #8)

Indigo was able to produce large forcefields though the larger the field then the greater integrity she needed to maintain. Furthermore, creating large forcefields were a major drain on her energy resources. (Outsiders v3 #3) She was known to generate smaller forcefields around a persons head in order to suffocate them and depriving them of oxygen. (Outsiders v3 #24) Certain types of radiation were known to be able to disrupt her forcefields. (Outsiders v3 #4)

She could open portals allowing her to teleport herself to different locations and even go through time into the past. (Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day v1 #1)


  • Indigo was created by Judd Winick and Alé Garza where she made her first appearance in Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day v1 #1 (July, 2003).

In other media


  • In Supergirl, Indigo made an appearance as an antagonist in the episode "Solitude" where she was portrayed by actor Laura Vandervoort. She was a Coluan who was formerly known as Brainiac 8 and had her people's symbol for omniscient knowledge on her forehead. At one point, she was connected to Colu's cyber-construct before departing her homeworld. Arriving on Krypton, she was known to had been an acquaintance of Non and hated Astra In-Ze. She sought to infect its computer networks and wipe out the population but was captured. Indigo was sentenced to the Phantom Zone and she remained there until Kara Zor-El's escape ship from the destruction of Krypton was detected. Sensing it, Indigo activated its system allowing it to escape the Phantom Zone and thus freeing Fort Rozz from that dimension. On Earth, Indigo operated as a cyber-terrorist where she first sent blackmail material on key figures before revealing herself in an attack on Supergirl. Her blackmail plot was revealed to had been a distraction as she intended to take control of America's nuclear stockpiles and detonate them around the world to wipe out mankind. Indigo was stopped when Winn Schott crafted a malware virus that he transmitted into the Coluan causing her body to collapse. Her broken form was later reconstituted by Non as part of his Myriad initiative. She was reassembled in "Myriad" and served as an ally of Non who initiated his Myriad initiative that saw Earth's population slowly become slaves to his commands.


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