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Innocence is a substance that features in D.Gray-man.



The cube of Innocence.

Innocence was a substance of unknown composition that existed on Earth long ago. Approximately seven thousand years ago, it was harnessed by an ancient civilization that used it to defeat the Noah Family. By wielding the Heart of the Innocence, they were successful in killing the first incarnation of the Millennium Earl. Such was the destructive nature of this battle that it destroyed the ancient civilization with this period being known as the Three Days of Darkness that became equated to the Biblical Great Flood in the Old Testament. From this moment, 109 pieces of Innocences scattered around the world. Prior to their destruction, the ancient civilization prophesized the return of the Millennium Earl and the family of Noah and recorded their words on a cube of Innocence to be found by the next generation.



Certain humans could be bonded to Innocence and be equipped as a result with Anti-Akuma Weapons. These select individuals were referred to as Accommodators that manifested the Innocence into different kind of tools.

Anti-Akuma weapons were Innocence that had been processed into a usable form.

There were various kinds of Innocence that included:

  • Equipment types : these types of Innocence often took the shape of tools and weapons such as swords, boots, clocks and other similar forms.
  • Parasitic types : A trait among such users was the ability to cleanse their hosts from Akuma poison.
The Heart of Innocence.

In addition, there was one special type known as the Heart of the Innocence that was the most powerful form of this substance. It was linked to all the Innocence around the world and with it a user could equally destroy the material across the planet simultaneously.

Certain types of Innocence could get their power extended creating a barrier of energy that repelled Akuma. Level 1 Akuma could not pass the barrier though Level 2 were able to pass through it. However, such Akuma could get their personality reversed so long as they were exposed to the effects of this Innocence. When out of the field, the Akuma returned to their personality. The Millennium Earl was shown to hold the power to destroy Innocence by crushing it whereupon it disintegrated into dust.


  • Allen Walker : a white haired young male who wielded a parasite type Innocence on his left arm that morphed into a hard silver skinned demonic arm.



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