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The Noah Family.

The Noah Family are a group that features in D.Gray-man.



The family of Noah.

Not much was known to them by humans but it was known that their existence were deeply rooted to the history of the world yet completely untraceable. They had great influence for generations but one could not tell this fact overtly. Their power was never officially recorded yet somehow they had appeared at major turning points in history. Despite appearing at turning points of history, they were never mentioned in literature or records. Knowledge of the Noah Family was rare with the Bookman Clan being the only living humans that had knowledge of them. Though aware of their existence, the Bookmen knew little else about the clan of Noah.

By the modern day, they had emerged once more and stood alongside the Millennium Earl. It was during this encounter that Road Kamelot revealed the existence of the family of Noah to Allen Walker. The Earl summoned the family together for a dinner where he told them that it was the time to reveal themselves openly to humanity instead of hiding in the shadows.


In appearance, the Noah were indistinguishable from mankind with their natural state hold a dark brown skin with stitches on their forehead though they were able to mask this form to look like a human. They claimed that they were the chosen people descended from Noah and the apostles selected by God. Though human in appearance, they claimed that they were genetically superior to mankind who they saw as being sub-human. They were held as people in this world that had abnormal powers. As such, whilst related to mankind they were super-human beings with abilities beyond them such as the capacity to regenerate from wounds that burnt their bodies in the span of seconds without experiencing any great pain.

The family of Noah believed that they were charged a duty to eliminate humanity by God and it was this reason why they led the Akuma. As a general rule, it was stated that it was forbidden for them to reveal the secrets of the Noah to outsiders.

They also made use of golems as tools such as Lero that was an umbrella capable of granting the user the power of flight.


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