Kamal Khan

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Prince Kamal Khan.

Kamal Khan was a prince who lived in the Monsoon Palace in India. He was a major figure in the art collecting world, selling rare pieces acquired from dubious sources to the highest bidder at auctions held in London. In India he was one of the few men allowed onto Octopussy's island, and the pair ran a smuggling operation together. However Khan betrayed here when he made a deal with the insane Soviet military officer, General Orlov, to set off a bomb at a US Air Force base in Germany.

Khan's role in Orlov's plan was to have his jewelers made fakes of priceless treasures from the Kremlin's art depository, which would then be switched for the real ones. Khan and Orlov tricked Octopussy into thinking she was merely helping them smuggle the gems when in fact Khan's right-hand man Gobinda had switched the box containing the jewelry with a nuclear bomb provided by the Soviets.

After Orlov was killed and James Bond disarmed the bomb, Khan returned to the Monsoon Palace. He kidnapped Octopussy (who had by then learned of his and Orlov's betrayal), and attempted to escape in his private airplane. Bond jumped on as it was taking off, and used his feet to push down the plane's rudders, forcing Khan to crashland. Bond and Octopussy leapt free, but Khan flew off a cliff in the plane and died in the resulting explosion.

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