General Orlov

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General Orlov.

General Orlov was an insane and ambitious Soviet general who despised peace talks with the West. After failing to convince his superiors that they could use their vastly superior military forces to overrun Europe because they feared nuclear reprisal from NATO, Orlov hatched a scheme whereby he hired Prince Kamal Khan to use Octopussy's circus to smuggle a nuclear bomb onto a US Air Force base. When detonated, Orlov reasoned, it would be assumed the explosion was caused by a malfunctioned American bomb. The world would call for total European disarmament of nuclear weapons, leaving Soviet forces free to take over all of Europe without fear of NATO reprisals.

To pay Khan, Orlov stole priceless jewelry from the Kremlin's art depository and had them shipped to the Monsoon Palace in India. There, Khan's jewelers reproduce the pieces to the specifications of Orlov's art expert, Lenkin. The fakes would then be returned to the Kremlin and Khan would keep the real ones. Their plot was uncovered when MI6 agent 009 stole a fake faberge egg from Khan, and it fell into the hands of the British government. James Bond was sent to investigate and upon learning from Orlov himself about the bomb headed for the Air Force base by train, rushed to stop it.

Orlov pursued him to the German border. Meanwhile, General Gogol had discovered the fake jewelry at the Kremlin and after the real ones were found in Orlov's Mercedes, chased Orlov in a helicopter. Orlov arrived too late to stop the train at the border; as he ran madly past a checkpoint hoping to catch up and warn Khan of Bond, he was shot in the back by the German border guards.

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