Kelly (If Looks Could Kill)

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Kelly the traitor on the phone with Ilsa Grunt.

Kelly was one of Haywood's aides in British Intelligence. A traitor, he informed Ilsa Grunt of CIA agent Michael Corben's departure from Detroit. However, because Agent Corben swapped places with another Michael Corben, Ilsa assumed that Kelly had lied to her. Later, Kelly was sent by Derek Richardson to "dispose" of "the French Teacher" and her "mercenaries" (in reality nothing more than a high school French class) by posing as their bus driver. In doing so he unknowingly killed a henchman of Steranko already posing as the driver. Despite Richardson's orders, Kelly planned to take the French class to the Chatteau Richelieu. En route they were waylaid by Zigesfeld. Despite being on the same team, because Ilsa thought Kelly lied to her about Corben, Zigesfeld attacked Kelly and badly injured him.

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